Free Salsa Experience? Yes! Is there anything that defines Cuba better than its salsa? Of course not! You cannot leave this wonderful island without having danced to the rythm of the music, without having learned the basic steps, without having felt the salsa running through your veins! With this idea in mind, at Strawberry Tours we thought: why not offering a Free Salsa Experience? And so we did! You will be able to enroll in our free 1-hour daily classes, located in Havana's centre and leaded by an excellent dancer! Don't forget to book your place and your partner's!

Thinking about taking a longer class?

Our Premium Salsa Experience will be perfect for you! In our 2-hours class you will learn about a mixture of popular and affro dancing styles: salsa, rumba, son, mambo, chachachá & eleggua. You only have to pay $19 per person to take a more in-depth class with a smaller group! Don't forget to book your place and your partner's!

Book here!

Please note that our Premium Salsa Lesson runs every day with the exception of Fridays.

If you are in Cuba and have issues with loading our Tour Calendar to reserve a tour, please just leave your full name, email as well as the preferred tour and date in the live chat box below.