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FREE TOUR - What does it mean?

The tours are solely tips based so you can decide to contribute as much or as little as you feel the experience was worth.

Which are the Best Free Tours in London?

There are countless places and attractions to visit in London. But where to start?

  • Explore the British Museum, Big Gen and Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey or Buckingham Palace.
  • Are you passionate about contemporary art? You cannot miss the Tate Modern Museum.
  • Visit some of the areas where Harry Potter was filmed.
  • Get chills in one of the pubs where Jack The Ripper’s victims were seen before being killed. Learn about Jack’s bloody past and the relevance it still has today.

We’re not able to meet the people who built London, but we can meet those who continue to make this city as impressive as it has been described for centuries.

Wander, navigate, taste and explore. London offers one of the longest subway systems in the world. Get on The Tube, or subway, and discover London underground. Otherwise, stay outside and enjoy the urban skyline.

  • See The Shard, the River Thames, the Tower of London, or the West End if you’re interested in plays and musicals.
  • Explore its markets and see how many cultures come together in one place offering delicious snacks.
  • “When in Rome, do what Romans do”. You cannot miss tasting the classic London tea, from the most exotic to the traditionally known.
  • Go shopping! Or walk through alleys where only jazz and rock n’roll are heard.

Enjoy what millions of people over the years have done to make London what it is today: one of the most important, entertaining cities in the world.

Free Tours London

Free Tours of London take you on a journey through the city’s colourful and sometimes dark history. They are both informative and fun; no boring lectures! Explore London’s busy streets and discover 2,000 years of fascinating and entertaining history. London walking tours guarantee plenty of laughs through fun facts and anecdotes, as well as the promise of hidden gems to visit. They are far more entertaining than your history teacher! At Strawberry Tours we believe that everyone, no matter what one’s budget is, should be able to experience and enjoy what London has to offer and we also believe that the price of a tour should correlate with your budget and how much you enjoyed it. Therefore, on all tours you decide how much you want to contribute, should you want to, at the end of the tour, depending on your enjoyment and possibilities. Come rain or sunshine (this is England after all…), these free walking tours in London offer something for everyone!

London Free Tour Calendar

Given the regulations, please note that pre-booking is required and that we can’t take bookings for groups of over 6 people. For larger groups, please contact us in advance.

What is a Free Tour?

Free Tours are walks provided by passionate local guides without requesting any upfront payments. They allow every traveler, no matter their budget, to experience and enjoy what a place has to offer.

Who takes Free Tours?

Free Tours guests are travelers of all ages and backgrounds seeking to enjoy authentic experiences. Independent tourists usually book Free Tours because they are looking for special activities, where they can learn historical facts, but also get an overview about the local culture, environment, and people.

Are Free Tours really Free?

Yes. Free Tours run on a “Pay-What-It’s-Worth” basis, so they are completely free unless you decide to make a contribution according to how much you enjoyed the experience. Guides appreciate receiving tips of any amounts at the end of the tour, but it’s completely voluntary to do so.

Do I have to book my Free Tour?

Yes. It’s mandatory to make a booking to ensure group sizes remain manageable and Guides can provide a better experience for all guests. Making a booking is absolutely free and it will take you less than one minute!