When it comes to the most famous and fashionable districts in London, nothing screams “sex, drugs and rock & roll” like the sparkling district of Soho, which has been a popular area for musicians, writers, and bohemians since the mid-19th century. So why not join us on our Soho Walking Tour to find out more about London's most fascinating neighbourhood?

Not only will you hear more about the likes of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, and their relevance to Soho, but we’ll also cover more taboo topics like prostitution, and the history of Soho's sex industry. Learn about Karl Marx and explore the area where he used to live during the late 1800s, or the building where him and Friedrich Engles wrote the Comunist Manifesto.

Hear about the place where the first miniskirt was cut, in Carnaby street, which was the second most popular tourist attraction in London during the 1960’s. Or visit the place where the term Beatlemania was coined after the Liverpool lads had their first ever gig in London. For no other place in the world has influenced Pop culture as much as this tiny, strange, busy hectic, mad neighbourhood in Central London.

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Soho Tour Customers Soho Tour Customers Soho Tour Customers

So whether you're interested in hearing more about musicians and celebrities in London, or even if you're a history of politics buff, come join us in our Soho Walking Tour to see for yourself why Soho is a neighbourhood where legacies are born.