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1.5-2.5 Hours

Free Jack the Ripper Tour London

  • Unveil the secrets of Whitechapel while you hear about the most infamous murders in London’s history.
  • Discover the dark side of Victorian Britain, and the grueling living conditions of those who were pushed out to the East End.
  • Who was Jack the Ripper? Hear about all the suspects and theories to try to solve the puzzle.
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We decided to take a part in Jack the Ripper tour and we are impressed. Our guide was Ash, he’s great storyteller and knows really a lot about the topic. He knows how to pass a knowledge, 2 hours of the tour passed like it was a moment. Also, we found few interesting spots during this walk. I recommend this tour, you will not be dissapointed. The best wishes from Poland and Spain. Kamil & Sandra.
An incredible tour! Thank you Ash you have not only explained Jack the Reappear’s story excellent but also you’ve let us deep into the context in the best way possible.
Colin is a great was sooooo interesting.he know all about Jack the ripper..sorry for my englisch...thank you Colin for the great tour.
Lovely guide, clearly very knowledgeable and passionate.
Colin was really interesting and clear. We recommand ! Thank you.
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Do you like scary tales and crime stories? Are you Interested in learning more about the hidden history of Victorian London? Be that as it may, this Free Jack the Ripper Tour in London is an essential experience for all tourists visiting the capital of the British empire. Come and learn how, from 1888 to 1891, the entire world was shocked by the story of a mysterious murderer who killed five women (or was it more?). Newspaper readers in the late 19th century were particularly shocked by the murderer’s bloody methods. That is why, according to many historians, Jack the Ripper ushered in a new era of urban crime, crime journalism and true crime.

Join a local guide and a small group of travelers for an unforgettable adventure. You will walk through the streets of the legendary neighborhood of Whitechapel in search of all the clues about the murders of Jack the Ripper. During the tour, you’ll understand the harsh living conditions of the workers, prostitutes, thieves and homeless people who crammed into London’s East End in Victorian times. As you see the real places where the terrible Ripper roamed in search of victims, you will also understand who the five murdered women were: Mary Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Kelly.

Of course, during the tour, you will hear lots of information on who the maximum suspects of the crimes are: from a young waiter to a doctor in the service of the royal family. Even readers of Alan Moore’s “From Hell” or those who watched “Jack the Ripper” or “Ripper Street” series will also be surprised and learn new things! The tour will end in the vicinity of the infamous Ten Bells Pub, the place where most of the Ripper’s victims were seen before meeting their fateful end. Throughout your Free Jack the Ripper Tour in London, you’ll learn about the UK’s past, meet interesting travelers and have lots of fun! So, why don’t you book your seat now?

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