Free Food Tour Havana

2.5 Hours
2.5 Hours

Free Food Tour Havana

  • Avoid tourist traps, eat like a local, spend very little money, and feel like a Cuban for the day!
  • Enjoy the cheapest and most delicious lobster in the world!
  • Try Havana’s amazing ‘ropa vieja’, a dish that’s as unusual as its name indicates, but way more delicious than you’d imagine.
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Latest reviews

What a great food tour! Shelman was the perfect guide. Because it was just me on the tour, it turned into a much more intimate one-on-one tour where not only did I learn (and try) so much food, but I was able to learn alot about Cuba's history, politics, and life. Highly recommend this tour!
We decided to try the street food tour during our time in Havana and it did not disappoint. Our local guide Shelman was very friendly and gave us a lot of insight into the local cuisine and history about Havana and Cuba in general. We visited a couple of spots for breakfast, snacks, ice cream, coffee and also stopped on the streets to try some random local things. All in all it was a great experience thanks to Shelman and the group that we had on the day.
I was the only one on the tour so it was me and Shelman eating several meals and talking over two hours. He was also my guide for the revolution tour the night before, so we had already met and discussed Cuban history. This was like part II. We ate strawberry ice cream (as breakfast!!!), cheese sandwich and juice at a cafe in a lovely garden and then hot chocolate at the chocolate museum. Meals definitely modified for my preferences. All tasty and cheap. Bottom line, definitely recommend this tour as a way to explore Havana and try meals and cafes you might not notice on your own.
This is a great tour! Our group was not very big, the guide was easy to talk with, and super informative. He adjusted the tour based on the circumstances (it was Christmas) and our interests (lots of questions about history and lifestyle). Strawberry Tours is a great concept in general- a way to give extra work to locals who can interact with visitors in a positive way while making some extra income. Highly recommend!
We originally booked this tour with no expectations, we were just excited to have an opportunity to explore and learn more about the Cuban culture. Our tour guide, Shelman, was absolutely wonderful! He was a treasure trove of information and so fun to talk to. His expertise and kindness immediately put us at ease. We would definitely take another tour with Strawberry Tours.
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When it comes to food, people from Havana don’t joke around. That’s why the Free Havana Food Tour is the perfect way to dive into the heart and soul Cuban culture. For example, if you go to a restaurant, you’ll be served a dish so big that you won’t be able to finish it. But in the midst of a busy day, who has time to sit down at a restaurant? This is the reason why Havana has developed an extremely diverse and lively street food scene. Join this amazing tour with a charming local guide and discover the Cuban capital’s tastiest side!

The secret to Cuban street food’s undeniable deliciousness is its natural ingredients. None of the dishes you will eat on our tour are processed, they come directly from the earth. Savor the cheapest and yummiest lobster in the world! Enjoy some incredible ice cream, and a slice of Cuban pizza! Introduced by Italians yet so different from any other pizza you’ve ever tried. Eat the best ‘ropa vieja’ in town–this dish, which literally means “old clothes”, consists of shredded beef with onions and peppers–much tastier than you’d imagine from its name!

On the Free Food Tour of Havana, you’ll be seduced by the simple and diverse nature of Cuban food, and you will be amazed at how fresh tropical ingredients are assembled in colorful and clever ways, thus providing a great gastronomic experience at an extremely affordable price! To get the best experience from this incredibly authentic tour and take amazing pictures of unusual food, we recommend that you book your seat today. Also, on the day of the tour, we suggest saving your appetite, so don’t eat breakfast beforehand!

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