Join our Revolution Tour and discover the ins and outs of one of the longest lasting revolutions in history, one which started in 1956 when a group of 82 guerrilleros crossed the Gulf of Mexico on board the now legendary yacht Granma to overthrow Batista's dictatorship, and which is still alive today, validating that quote from Fidel Castro which said: “No matter who falls, no matter who dies, the Cuban Revolution will not disappear”.

Hear the story of how after the landing, out of the 82 guerrilleros, only 12 made it, to which Fidel’s optimistic response was: “12 of us made it, now the Revolution is truly triumphant”. Hear too how three years later, an army of only 800 men, armed with rifles and utopia, managed to defeat an army of 70000 men, proving that sometimes conviction and idealism can be more powerful than gun powder. Learn about the life of its leaders, the Castro brothers and the iconic Che Guevara.

See through the eyes of a cuban the consequences of the Revolution, from its fulfilled dreams, such as the public education and health systems, to its great challenges such as censorship, isolation or the economic blockade. See how cubans live, how they overcome the daily obstacles and how they have managed to survive through a creative everyday economy.

On our Revolution Tour you will understand that Fidel’s Havana is different to how its perceived from abroad, that it’s neither so good nor so bad as you may have thought, that in order to fully grasp it you have to feel the heat of Cuba, enjoy its beauty, suffer its public transport, rejoice in the endless delight of the Havanans, feel sorry and jealous at the same time, feel love and somehow resentment, feel La Habana, feel the Revolution.

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Arriving on a cruise ship? No problem! Our starting point is just a 10-minute walk from the port and we are also OFAC-compliant. If our tour schedule does not fit your arrival to Havana we can also offer private tours with flexible starting times and port pick-up and drop-off. Click here to find out more.