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  • Talk to a local about daily life in Cuba, and get an authentic point of view about the country.
  • Find the heart of Cuban music at the mythic bar Bodeguita del Medio.
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Essential Free Tour Havana


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Gabriel is very knowledgeable and friendly. I enjoyed the tour and he helped me with a lot of information.

Havana is the vibrant capital of an absolutely unique country in the world. Due to the trappings of international politics, this spectacular Caribbean city has become a capital unlike any other, with distinctive culture, sounds and flavors. Given the limitations that foreigners face in the country, joining an Essential Free Tour of Havana is a must-have experience. You will have the opportunity to chat directly with a local guide and get an authentic point of view on what daily life is like for Havanans. As you walk with a small group of international travelers, you'll also hear the complex history of Cuba before and after the Revolution. And, all this, while you see the emblematic places of the city.

Throughout your Free Essential Tour of Havana, you will stroll through the most picturesque streets of colorful Old Havana with your local guide. This spectacular area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a reflection of the city's multicultural character. These centuries-old streets are lined with many houses, palaces, churches and mansions of Spanish, French, American and British colonial style. Here it is even possible to find remains of the fortified walls that protected the city for two centuries. Today, this exciting area is the tourist heart of the city, so there are plenty of hotels, bookstores, museums, galleries and, of course, restaurants for all palates. The Cathedral of Havana, with its impressive white facade, will be one of the jewels of the tour.

Talking with your guide, you will learn about the foundation of the city by the Spanish Crown, how it was almost destroyed by French pirates, the boom of sugar and tobacco trade during the 19th century, the process of independence, how the USA controlled the island, the drastic changes after the Revolution, and much more. Walking through the Old Town Square and other great landmarks of Havana, you will understand how the multicultural legacy that forged the city is still alive in its music, cuisine, art and literature. Along the tour, your guide will answer any questions about Cuban music, as well as explain why La Bodeguita del Medio became such a mythical venue. Book your tour today and secure your place!

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