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Best Free Tours in Cuenca

Do you want to discover one of the most unusual cities in the entire Iberian Peninsula? Join some Free Walking Tours in Cuenca to explore the history and landmarks of a unique city with a local guide. This medieval walled city sits on top of a ravine formed by the Jucar and Huecar rivers. Therefore, tourists can enjoy both spectacular views over the green valley and an enchanting medieval atmosphere. For newcomers to the city, we recommend joining the Essential Cuenca City Tour. This is the most comprehensive and entertaining introduction to the history and architecture of the city. It was designed by local guides who want to share their city with a small group of travelers. At night, it is advisable to book a place on the Free Myths and Legends Tour of Cuenca. It's a fun way to see the city lit up at night while listening to amazing stories.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Cuenca

You might have heard of the famous Hanging Houses of Cuenca, but did you know that they are surrounded by an incredibly beautiful old town? With the Free Tours in Cuenca, you will discover the most famous landmarks and best-kept secrets of this UNESCO World Heritage City. Some of the must-see landmarks you will visit on a free tour in Cuenca are the Cathedral of Santa Maria and San Julian de Cuenca, (the first Gothic cathedral in Spain), as well as the Mangana Tower, the Bridge of San Pablo, and more. And, of course, any Cuenca Free Walking Tour will also take tourists to the world-famous Hanging Houses. These astonishing 12-storey buildings are the first skyscrapers in Europe, and they were erected more than 400 years ago! Finally, every trip to Cuenca should include a walk along the Hoz del Huecar path. Tourists will enjoy spectacular views of the river and the city.

Things to Do in Cuenca

Just a few hours from Madrid or Valencia, Cuenca is one of the best weekend getaways in Spain. However, this natural and urban wonder is a jewel yet to be discovered by massive tourism. Come and enjoy Cuenca at your own pace, without entry lines or queues of tourists. There are interesting art centers, such as the Museum of Abstract Art in the Hanging Houses, the Antonio Saura Foundation, the Cuenca Museum and others. And of course, taverns and restaurants in Cuenca offer a huge variety of traditional dishes at very affordable prices. Our favorite local dishes are 'morteruelo' (shredded meat pâté with spices) and 'ajo arriero' (egg, potato, cod and garlic pâté served cold). Finally, tourists can take fantastic excursions to natural areas such as the Enchanted City, Torcas de los Palancares, Canada del Hoyo Lagoons, Molino de las Chorreras Waterfall, Callejones de Las Majadas and many more wonders.

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