Trinidad Tours

On our Free Tours of Trinidad, you will discover a magical city that has withstood the test of time like no other. As one of the best-preserved places in the Caribbean, it is not only a paradise on earth, confined on the south by the sea and on the north by the majestic Guamuaya Mountains, but it’s also the perfect place to fall in love!

Enjoy delightful landscapes, take a look at amazing ceramic variety and learn about the tradition behind this honorable and ancient craft. Soak up the characteristic joy of its people while you experience unrivaled tranquility under the warm Cuban sun, strolling down its colorful streets. On our Trinidad walking tours you will find yourself in the midst of the joy and music that have shaped this magnificent place throughout the years as a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

At Strawberry Tours, we believe that everyone, no matter what their budget is, should be able to experience and enjoy the best that Trinidad has to offer. We also consider that the price of our tours should correlate with your budget and your level of satisfaction. Therefore, after all free walking tours in Trinidad you decide how much you want to contribute on a “pay-what-you-think-it’s worth-worth” basis. So let us show you Trinidad’s charm at a price you can definitely afford!