IMPORTANT: Due to the rising tension in Santiago during several protests, we have decided to cancel the tours until further notice, for the safety of our guides and customers. We strongly recommend you to stay away from the downtown area and city center.

Join us and discover Santiago’s markets, a place where people from all corners of the city gather not just to find the best available but also as a social activity. On our Free Tour of Santiago’s Markets you will discover how, despite the many modern shopping centers that have sprouted around the city, the noise, color and friendliness of the traditional markets cannot be replaced.

Explore the Central Market, a temple of sea food. No other place in the world has such a wide range of shellfish, caught along the 7000 km of Chilean coast. Its size and flavor are unique due to the cold Humboldt current – this is the sea food lover’s paradise! And, everything is caught daily -- it doesn’t get fresher than that! Get lost in La Vega market, one of the biggest fruit and vegetable markets on the continent, which is open 365 days a year, navigate through it’s perfectly organized chaos as you enjoy its smell of tomato and basil.

Spot the young lover searching for the perfect bouquet in the “Pergola de las flores” (Flower market) and then carry on to find your ideal hat in the oldest hat shop in Santiago. Enjoy a sandwich made with Chile’s favorite bread – marraqueta - which will help you understand why Chilean are the second biggest consumers of bread in the world. Finish the tour in La Piojera, one of the bars with the most history and character in the city and try your luck with a popular drink known as “Terremoto” (Earthquake) – white wine with a shot of grenadine or fernet, crowned with pineapple ice cream; as unique as it is delicious!

On our Free Tour of Santiago’s Markets you will journey into the essence of Chilean popular culture and understand that even though cities like Santiago change, traditions remain. Dive with us into a world of colors, smells, delicious food, laughter, different accents and loud voices that together form the kaleidoscopic Chilean social reality.

*If you’d like to try shellfish, a marraqueta sandwich and/or a terremoto make sure to bring some cash (aprox. 10,000 CLP, equivalent of 15 USD), as most places do not accept credit cards.