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Romantic, vibrant, colorful, and passionate are only some among many words that can describe such a rich culture like the one found in Buenos Aires. Anyone would undoubtedly enjoy the city whether they are looking for bohemia, art, tango, sport, nightlife, history, food, design, religion, or just meeting incredible local people.
Visit the “Paris of the South” to try some Yerba Mate tea, delicious wine, visit some museums, and learn about their past to understand their present. There is something to see in every corner of the city, every park, and neighborhood.

Which are the Best Free Tours in Buenos Aires?

There is so much more to Buenos Aires than tango, football, and meat. Below you’ll find some oddities and suggestions on what to see in the city:

  • Visit the “Casa Rosada” (Pink House), where the President of Argentina lives.
  • Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city with cultures that have immigrated from different parts of the world over time.
  • You’ll find a number of bookstores so, if you like reading, you’ll love this place.
  • Explore Palermo, La Recoleta, San Telmo, and La Boca neighborhoods!

Don’t forget that wandering the streets by foot is the best way to absorb everything that a place like Buenos Aires has to offer. Similar to Europe, one may find colonial buildings and other charming shopping centers, government buildings, and parks. 

Enjoy exploring this open air museum-like place next to a local guide for free!

Buenos Aires has been well-known to be the national center of commerce, politics, culture, industry, and technology. If it is not on your bucket list yet, add it now!

  • Hear about Argentinas’ famous writers like Jorge Luis Borges.
  • See the Argentinean Pavilion, Teatro Colón, and Plaza de Mayo.
  • Find incredible graffiti artwork in the Palermo neighborhood. 
  • Visit iconic hotels, buildings, and bars visited by bohemian icons like Julio Cortazar.

Discover pedestrian streets, wide avenues, and picturesque areas in a city with an energy that can’t be compared to any other. You’ll never get bored or tired of exploring, as Buenos Aires has too much to offer its visitors. 

To quote Jorge Luis Borges, “Argentineans are Italians who speak Spanish, think in French, and would like to be English”. Come to Buenos Aires and discover its true character!

More Free Tours in Buenos Aires

Free Tour City Center

Buenos Aires has beautiful, colonial hispanic architecture and a history of 19th-century European classes. See the main attractions in the heart of the city in just two hours.


Free Tour Recoleta

Walk through shopping centers that have architectural similarities with Paris. In this sophisticated area of the city you’ll find the Colon Theatre, Paz Palace, San Martin Palace, the Monumental Tower, and others.


La Boca Tour

If you’re interested in discovering the most bohemian and iconic parts of the city, the La Boca Tour is for you. Visit La Bombonera football stadium, Caminito Street, the Historic Harbor, find “conventillos” or old mansions that were made into living areas for a wider population, and more.


Graffiti Tour Palermo

Walk through Palermo, the hippest area in Buenos Aires. This open museum-like zone offers art, culture, culinary delights, murals, fashion, vertical gardens, avant-garde music, and has footprints of its major poets.


Recoleta Cemetery Tour

The Recoleta Cemetery is a must-visit. Walk past the vaults and mausoleums of well-known Argentinians. See sculptures, marble stones, and ornaments while you hear stories of the dead in silent contemplation.

Free Tours Buenos Aires

On our Free Tours of Buenos Aires you will discover one of the most beautiful, sophisticated, and elegant cities in the world while you walk down its stunning streets and learn about its fascinating history. You will admire its architecture which is so European that will make you wonder which side of the Atlantic you are on. On our Buenos Aires walking tours you’ll dive deep into its rich culture of tango, good wines, art and Bohemia, and also its most popular side, best represented by football, which for the porteños it has become a religion more than a sport. Join any of our tours and discover a unique and incomparable city, the Paris of South America. At Strawberry Tours we believe that everyone, no matter what one’s budget is, should be able to experience and enjoy the high life of Buenos Aires. We also believe that the price of a tour should correlate with your budget and how much you enjoyed it. Therefore, all our free walking tours in Buenos Aires run on a “Pay-What-You-Feel” basis. So let us guide you through Buenos Aires’ sophisticated everyday life at a price you can definitely afford!

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