Essential Free Tour Santiago

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2.2-2.5 Hours

Essential Free Tour Santiago

  • Walk through the colorful Paseo Bandera to feel the vibrant atmosphere of the Chilean capital.
  • Learn how historical events at La Moneda Palace changed the destiny of the country in one day.
  • Enjoy one of the best city views right from Santa Lucia Hill, a now extinct volcano!
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Tour Features

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La Moneda Palace

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Main Square

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Metropolitan Cathedral

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Santa Lucia Hill

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Lastarria Neighborhood

Essential Free Tour Santiago Feature6

Paseo Bandera

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Museum of Pre-Columbian Art

Essential Free Tour Santiago Feature8

Old Stock Exchange Building

These are some of the features your tour might include, but please bear in mind that every guide create their unique itinerary to provide the best possible experience.

Latest reviews

We had a really great and interesting tour with Diego. Thanks again!
Very good and interesting tour, I recommend it!!
Sergio was excellent. He came with all the knowledge that I would expect but then has his own insight and interpretation which I found very well rounded and interesting. He also manages to talk about more than just history which made it so much more relevant. Highly recommended.
We really enjoyed our tour with Diego. He is extremely knowledgeable and had a good way of explaining complicated topics so that the regular person could understand. We would certainly recommend him to anyone interested in taking any tours!
We did the tour with Sergio, it was wonderful, a really interesting tour, Sergio is a spectacular guide. Thank you again Sergio for the tour !
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Guides Leading this Tour

Diego Escobar
Sergio Ribeiro

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Come and join the most entertaining Essential Free Tour of Santiago! You’ll discover Chile’s capital through its contrasts and its stories, and find out why one of the most southern capitals in the world has become a magnet for thousands of immigrants from all over who enrich it with flavor and color. Find out about the influence of natural disasters in its architecture. Laugh with its people’s wit and be amazed by their legends. In this walk around Santiago’s historical center your group will visit the oldest buildings and streets, and hear tales of diversity, colonization and an ever-present indigenous past. Contemplate the city from the hill where it originated, Santa Lucia, and hear the account of how it all began.

Be amazed by the Church of San Agustin, almost as old as the city itself, and discover the European influence during colonial times. During the stroll, the group will walk through the central Plaza de Armas and enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe of Santiago in Paseo Bandera and Lastarria Quarter too. Go into narrow alleyways full of all sorts of shops set up by immigrants with entrepreneurial spirit, and find out where you can have the best ‘sopaipilla’ and ‘empanada’. Learn about the Cafés con Piernas, the most bizarre business model in South America which is unique to Santiago. Hear all the anecdotes that have made locals famous for their bravery, but also for their capacity to enjoy life.

Looking at La Moneda Palace, you will learn about the military coup of 1973, one of the most controversial times in Chilean recent history, and hear both sides of the story. Your local guide will also let you know about the old trades of the city which survive in modern day Santiago, such as: boot cleaners, cobblers, knife sharpeners or leather sewers. And you will discover old Chilean traditions such as having a “jote”, eating a “pollito al velador” or what it means to be “guachaca”. On the Essential Free Tour of Santiago, you will see incredible historical landmarks that have made Santiago one of the most diverse and exciting cities on the continent. Come and discover the hidden jewel of South America!

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