Free Tours in North America

North America is a continent dominated by the vast countries of USA and Canada. If you add Mexico into this then you have three countries that contain almost eighty five percent of the continent’s entire population and take up nearly ninety percent of its land mass. It’s easy to forget there is so much more.

Just taking the three dominant countries into account you would be mistaken in thinking that North America hasn’t got the variation in culture that perhaps Europe or Asia has. In fact, the range of cultures is just as large and perhaps more extreme.

North America contains countries which people simply do not associate with it. Countries that are grouped together by other names. Central America & the Caribbean for starters. Both of these are in the continent of North America. You can’t argue that this isn’t a diverse continent when you compare the cultures and landscapes of Canada and Jamaica for example.

In truth this is a continent rich in culture and one that is blessed with great geographical beauty. From the expansive wilderness of the huge country of Canada, through the USA where the varied natural beauty of beaches, deserts and forests combine with cities where skyscrapers dominate the skyline. Mexico provides the link with South America and other Central American countries with their Spanish influence and out at sea you have the calmness and remoteness of the Caribbean islands.

Worldwide cultural influences, a diverse climate to reflect its stretch from pole to equator and an ever changing landscape, this is North America.