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Best Places To Visit in Europe.

By area, Europe is the second smallest continent on the planet. Facts and figures would suggest that there is nothing remarkable about it, it doesn’t contain the tallest peak, it doesn’t have the most people, it doesn’t have the most number of countries in it.

A glance at a map shows that Europe is a number of small countries packed together in a relatively small space.

You could holiday for a long time in Europe before you would ever repeat an experience. You can enjoy city breaks in some of the worlds oldest and most beautiful cities such as London and Paris. Take an artistic tour of Italy, see FlorenceRome, all the while sampling the culinary delights of the home of pasta and pizza.

Despite being small, European countries have spawned some of the greatest cultures and civilisations the world has ever seen. What is lacks in size it makes up for in diversity, everybody has a part of them that feels a little bit European.