Free Tours in Asia

In terms of area Asia is by far the largest of any of the continents, larger than North and South America combined. It also contains nearly twice the number of people of every other continent combined.

Asia is joined on to Europe and in modern times a lot of people consider them as one continent, as they are one clear and continuous land mass. It is bordered by the Arctic Sea in the north and by the Indian Ocean in the south. Geographically speaking it is one large land mass but they are continents which have a very clear split in terms of culture.

Russia dominates the continent in terms of land mass but in terms of cultural control in the region it is one of the smaller contributors. Along with Russia, Turkey and Armenia provide the European links but the culture in the continent is varied. Arabian and Middle Eastern countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Iran and Israel: Far Eastern cultures from Japan and North and South Korea and south Asia, with the massive populations of India and Pakistan; these are the areas that dominate the region.

China is perhaps the most dominant country in the region, a growing world superpower and the most populated country on the planet it is also the most visited country in the region by tourists. India, Thailand, Malaysia and Turkey are also very popular destinations.

Asia is as diverse as it is vast. For travellers it provides a challenging journey across an unforgettable landscape, from the highest point on the planet to the most mysterious and unknown country in the world, Asia has much to offer.