Free Tours in Africa

Africa is a continent revered for its natural beauty. When people first think of Africa they naturally imagine safaris with elephants, giraffes, lions and zebras running across huge savannahs beneath a blue sky and a setting sun. But with over fifty countries stretching from Europe to the bottom of the planet and with Asian borders to the east it is a land of variation.

Africa is accepted as the birth place of the human species and the oldest inhabited space in the world and even today has a diverse population, indigenous black Africans and white Africans descended from European settlers as well as an Arabic population in the north. There are estimated to be over two thousand languages spoken in Africa and in this respect is a hugely diverse continent. Libya and Egypt provide links to a middle eastern culture whilst Tunisia and Algeria in places has a distinctly European feel. Central African countries enjoy some of the oldest unspoilt traditional cultures anywhere on the Earth where as southern African countries such as Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe still have huge evidence of colonial influence.

Africa is known for its wildlife and fascinating natural landmarks such as the Nile, the longest river in the world and the Sahara, the largest desert. Mount Kilimanjaro is a mountain on the equator but which actually has glaciers at the top. But it is also home to evidence of some of man’s greatest achievements. The pyramids of Egypt, the ancient tombs give a link to a rich history on the continent.

Africa is a continent with an interesting and sometimes tragic human history. It will always, however, be associated with its amazing wildlife. It’s hard to escape that when you are home to the world’s largest and fastest land animals, the largest primate and the tallest animal. Do you know what they all are?!