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Liverpool has historically been a central city in Britain and the home to the biggest empires. Today, its legendary buildings, friendly people, fantastic food, and top-notch soccer team make up one of the most exciting cities in the area.

Liverpool’s Maritime Mercantile City has been marked a UNESCO World Heritage site as it offers an incredible collection of maritime and commercial architecture. The whole city is further enriched by numerous galleries and museums that give Liverpool a particular character like no other.


The music fanatic will find themselves deeply in love with this city as it is the birthplace of England’s most famous band – The Beatles.

More Free Tours in Liverpool

Liverpool offers a variety of free walking tours that are ideal for the budget traveller, backpacker, or young tourist. Get a chance to walk through the streets of this iconic city and visit the main landmarks while learning about their meaning and history.

Liverpool Free Sightseeing Walking Tour

Another option to tour Liverpool is to download their free sightseeing tour. This handy tool will allow you to see the city at your own pace, take as many rests as you’d like, stop for a long lunch, or power through if you are short on time.

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