Peruvian food is without a doubt one the most privileged cuisines in the world. It is born from the fusion of several great culinary origins: Spanish, African, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French and Andean. It is a gastronomy with great tradition but one which is also open to innovation and change. Join our Free Lima Food Tour and discover what all the fuss is about, why everyone is talking about Peruvian food, and why Lima has become one of the gastronomic capitals of the world!

Begin the tour by visiting a market where you’ll be able to see first-hand the exact produce which will later be transformed into elaborate dishes. After that we will take you to the local, out-of-the-tourist-trap cafes and restaurants where you’ll be able to taste the local gastronomy at very competitive prices. Enjoy the best ceviche in town, try traditional pork and turkey sandwiches, taste Andean potatoes or delicious chifles (chips made of fried green bananas) and delight your taste buds with the strange yet perfect mix of Peruvian Chinese food.

But Peruvian food is just as sweet as it is savory. In Lima one can find all sorts of sweets, some of them dating back to the time of the Virreinato, such as turrones, a typical Christmas dish in Peru, or picarones which come from the Moorish heritage and were brought by Spaniards in the time of the Conquest. Finish the tour with Emoliente, a dish so popular in Lima that once upon a time you could find a vendor selling it on almost every street corner of the city.

On our Free Lima Food Tour of Miraflores you will understand why Peruvian food has become one of the most admired cuisines in the world, and for an unforgettable day you will journey to the essence of its wonders thanks to a unique tour designed to take you away from the tourist traps. Come with us and eat where the limeños eat!

*On our Free Lima Food Tour in Miraflores you decide how much you eat and how much you spend. Forget about paying an expensive ticket for a food tour and being given food that you may not like or are unable to eat because of dietary restrictions. You decide what you eat with the help of our guides, and if you get an item from each place, it’ll only cost you around 50 Soles or 15USD, even less if you’re sharing! You are of course are absolutely welcome to come along even if you don’t want to eat anything, but still want to learn about the area and Peru’s fascinating food culture.