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Come with us and discover the most fascinating city in the Caribbean, a city which seems to be unaffected by the passing of time, were nostalgia and romanticism await behind each corner, the queen of the bay, Havana. On our Free Tour of Havana’s Historical Center you will go through the history of the city, from the colonial times to its independence, from its most cosmopolitan moment in the beginning of the 20th Century to the Revolution and its uncertain present.

Discover its relevance in the times of the Spanish conquest of the New World, why the biggest fort in America was built in Havana and how that same ambition that pushed explorers across the ocean made them exterminate the indigenous people. Understand its strategic importance that made it fall under Spanish rule at first, then British, then Spanish again only to be lost one more time, this time to the USA, and how it just managed to become independent in the 20th Century.

Capitol building Cathedral Square
Family Capitol building Street Musician

Enjoy the colonial architecture of buildings that have lasted up to five centuries, from one of the oldest universities in America or impressive palaces, to its stunning Baroque style cathedral, which was started to be built by the Jesuit but they couldn’t finish it because they were expelled from the New World, and were Cristopher Columbus’ ashes were first kept, now in Seville’s Cathedral.

On our Free Tour of Havana's Historical Center you will soak in the unique atmosphere of this incomparable city, where time hasn’t yet accelerated, and you will feel that peculiar charm that has attracted so many people over so many centuries, making her the most wanted lady of the Caribbean, the Key to the New World.

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Arriving on a cruise ship? No problem! Our starting point is just a 10-minute walk from the port and we are also OFAC-compliant. If our tour schedule does not fit your arrival to Havana we can also offer private tours with flexible starting times and port pick-up and drop-off. Click here to find out more.