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Joining the best Free Walking Tours in Trujillo you will understand why the cultural capital of Peru is also called the "City of Everlasting Spring". This stunning coastal city in northwestern Peru is best-known for holding a treasure of colonial architecture. But the city will surprise all travelers with its golden beaches, year-round balmy weather, archeological treasures and delicious gastronomy. With so much to discover, we recommend joining the Essential Trujillo City Tour so you can make the most of your trip in the shortest amount of time. Guests will walk with a knowledgeable local guide, discover the best landmarks, listen to interesting anecdotes and have fun with a small group of international travelers. The next day, don’t miss a Free Food Tour in Trujillo! This experience will take you to local markets and eateries, so you can discover the flavors that have made north Peruvian dishes (and cocktails!) an international sensation.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Trujillo

Even before the Inca Empire conquered the area that we now know as Peru, the Moche and Chimu had created remarkable cities and culturally rich societies whose remains can still be found in modern Trujillo. Come and explore this millennial city with Free Tours in Trujillo! You will get to stroll along cobbled narrow streets lined with colorful mansions and see architectural gems. The whole old town revolves around the Plaza de Armas, the bustling square where Trujillo’s independence was proclaimed. Around the square travelers can find the Municipality Palace, the striking yellow Cathedral, the 18th-century Carmen Monastery, and Casa Urquiaga. Among the most interesting museums, our favorites are the Trujillo Toy Museum, the House of Regional Identity, and the Archeology Museum. In the outskirts of the city, tourists can visit the small archeological park Huaca La Esmeralda. It’s an adobe building belonging to the pre-Columbian Chimu culture.

Things to Do in Trujillo

The compact old town that can be discovered with Trujillo Free Walking Tours. But Trujillo is in fact the third biggest city of Peru, so it offers all the amenities of a modern tourist destination. In particular, Trujillo boasts interesting museums, cultural festivals and one of the most exciting gastronomical scenes of the country. Trujillo is home to the Peruvian national dance: la marinera, an elegant dance with supposedly Spanish, Andean, African and even Gipsy origins. In January, the Marinera Festival gets everybody dancing! But you can also book a Marinera show in a local hacienda. Usually, the show will also involve an exhibition of Paso Horse, so tourists can enjoy the distinctive gait of the quintessential Peruvian horse breed. Trujillo is the perfect place to plan a trip to two major archeological sites of pre-Columbian monuments: one is the huge adobe city of Chan Chan, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO; and the second are the temples of the Sun and Moon.

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