IMPORTANT: Due to the rising tension in Santiago during several protests, we have decided to cancel the tours until further notice, for the safety of our guides and customers. We strongly recommend you to stay away from the downtown area and city center.

Come with us and discover Santiago through its contrasts and its stories, and find out why one of the most southern capitals in the world has become a magnet for thousands of immigrants from all over who enrich it with flavour and color. Find out about the influence of natural disasters in its architecture. Laugh with its people’s wit and be amazed by their legends. In our Free Tour of Santiago’s Historical Centre we will visit the oldest buildings and streets which tell tales of diversity, colonisation and an ever present indigenous past.

Contemplate the city from the hill were it originated, Santa Lucia, and and hear the account of how it all began. Be amazed by the Church and Convent of los Agustinos, almost as old as the city itself, and discover the European influence during the colonial times. Witness the ongoing change in the city as you visit old neighbourhoods in which their art and cultural offer will make you want to stay for ever.

Casco Histórico Casco Histórico
Casco Histórico Casco Histórico Casco Histórico

Walk through the central Plaza de Armas and enjoy cosmopolitan Santiago. Go into narrow alleyways full of all sorts of shops set up by immigrants with entrepreneurial spirit, and find out where you can have the best sopaipilla and empanada. Learn about the Cafés con Piernas, the most bizarre business model in South America which is unique to Santiago. Hear all the anecdotes that have made locals famous for their bravery, but also for their capacity to enjoy life.

On our Free Tour of Santiago’s Historical Centre we will reveal to you the key ingredients that have made of Santiago one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the continent. Come and discover the hidden jewel of South America.