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Best Free Tours in Qom

Qom, Iran’s second holiest city, is a spiritual sanctuary of profound significance. Adorned with shimmering domes and minarets, Qom is a city of deep religious devotion and stunning Islamic architecture. Free walking tours in Qom offer an intimate exploration of this mystical city with the help of a friendly and knowledgeable guide. The Essential Qom City Tour is a must for first-time visitors. It winds through the city’s narrow lanes, unveiling Qom’s rich cultural tapestry. It begins at the Hazrat-e Masumeh Shrine, exploring the complex’s holy precincts, before moving to Qom’s traditional bazaars. For a deep dive into Qom’s history, the Historical Qom Tour explores the city’s past through its preserved ancient sites, like the Jamkaran Mosque and Qom Bazaar, showcasing the city’s evolution over the centuries. The Qom Sufi Tour is another themed tour that takes visitors through Qom’s hidden spiritual corners. This journey traces the lives of revered Sufi saints and poets, revealing Qom’s mystical undercurrents through stories, poetry, and sacred Sufi rituals. These free tours make Qom’s religious heritage accessible to all, offering a truly immersive experience of this extraordinary city.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Qom

Join a free tour in Qom and discover the epicenter of Iran’s spiritual heartbeat. Here are just a few of the highlights that the city has to offer! Tours will typically begin at the awe-inspiring Hazrat-e Masumeh Shrine, a sacred pilgrimage site and masterpiece of Islamic architecture, shimmering with intricate tilework and mirrored mosaics. A stone’s throw away is the Feyziyeh School, an ancient bastion of Islamic studies that’s nurtured generations of esteemed clerics. Take a stroll to the bustling Qom Old Bazaar, tucked away near the shrine, where you can lose yourself in a labyrinth of shops, discovering Persian rugs, handcrafted jewelry, fragrant spices, and delectable sweets. Fancy a break? Head to one of the city’s traditional teahouses for a refreshing cup of Persian tea and a taste of local delicacies. Just a short jaunt from the city center, the enchanting Jamkaran Mosque, that has been an important sacred site for centuries and beckons with its spiritual allure. Discover tranquility in Qom at the serene Gonbad Sabz Garden and learn more about its spiritual significance. Join us and immerse yourself in the sacred and the extraordinary in Qom – an unforgettable journey of cultural discovery and spiritual enlightenment!

Things to Do in Qom

Unearth Qom’s rich cultural tapestry with an array of engaging activities that go beyond its renowned landmarks. Let’s start with the museums! Start with a visit to the Museum of Hazrat Masoumeh one of the most ancient museums in Iran and then head to the Qom Anthropology Museum, where the city’s fascinating cultural and social evolution comes alive. When it comes to food, Qom is a gastronome’s delight. Sample the city’s famous sohan, a traditional saffron-infused brittle toffee that melts in your mouth. Savor a hearty ghormeh sabzi, a popular Persian stew with herbs, beans, and lamb. Shopping in Qom is an adventure of its own. The city’s bazaars brim with high-quality Persian rugs, delicate silver jewelry, and aromatic spices. Cultural events are a vibrant part of Qom’s identity. Observe the Muharram processions, a deeply spiritual event marked by rituals and ceremonies. Or attend a traditional Persian music concert for an authentic cultural experience. End your day with a trip to the ethereal Qom Salt Lake, surrounded by stunning mountains whose salt formations glow mystically at sunset. Come and explore Qom – a city that surprises and delights at every corner!

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