Cross the river with us, over London’s most iconic bridge, Tower Bridge, and come for walk down the Thames’ most picturesque bank. Get the best views of the city as we explore together the epicentre of London’s hyperactive cultural scene. See some of London’s most daring modern architecture as you are made to feel small under “The Shard”. From legendary Shaespeare’s The “Globe Theater”, or Britain’s temple of contemporary art “The Tate Modern”, to amazing bars and restaurants; the South Bank is the place to be!

However, as everywhere else in this old town, the South Bank is also full of history. Hear the stories of Southwark’s creepiest prison, The Clink, where prisoners were hang in cages outside until they literally rot to remind other wrong doers to not challenge the law. Walk through London’s oldest market, Borough Market, the heart of the city’s thriving gastronomic scene. Or hear about corsairs and pirates, who in the name of the Queen or in the name of freedom sailed the seven seas in an epic quest for treasure.

Our London Landmark South Tour is one that you absolutely can’t miss, for here, more than anywhere else, the old and the new blend into each other in perfect harmony. Bring your camera and be ready for some of the best photo opportunities of the Big Smoke, and tune in to enjoy over a thousand years of history that will take you from dark medieval times to the most contemporary side of London.