A tour guide by day and a folk singer by night, Glenn is in love with the Nation’s Capitol and takes pride in sharing his local knowledge. Desperately seeking a time machine, he wishes he could travel back to Victorian London just for a day. Glenn spends most of his time on the stage singing songs at people, the rest of the time he can be found in the park with his dog Bella. Head over to to check out his music.


Hilary’s from Ireland, but can’t seem to leave London yet. For the last three years she’s been training in Musical Theatre, so be careful she might just sing at you mid tour.. When she’s not a tour guide she’s working in a travel bookshop Stanfords and that means she probably know where you’re from. History is her obsession which I’m sure you’ll discover when you join Hilary for a tour.


Richard is a restless wanderer, spending the last 17 years exploring North America, South America, and South East Asia. He has finally returned to his beloved Londinium. Tips on globetrotting available! He is also a psychologist, so many of his tours have some interesting insights into some of the history of London’s most strange figures, and there are some really strange ones! He really hopes you all have a wonderful stay in London, and of course he invites you all to come along for a tour!


Actor and stand up Comedian by trade. Ben has lived in London for 25 years and adores this city, especially its Victorian and Medieval past. Often mistaken for Prince William, Ben can regularly be found taking pictures with excitable tourists who later on realise (thanks to Google) he is in fact not the Heir to the British Throne. When Ben isn’t touring round the city, he can be found on stage, behind a camera, or writing new material in coffee shops! Check out his stand up here


When not gallivanting around London with tour groups in tow, artist and actor Katie can be found gallivanting across the various theatres and stages of England, trying her hand at the life of a professional actor. Despite being dangerously close to a 'proper' job, she has found she really, thoroughly enjoys putting her Cambridge history degree to good use as a tour guide in various locations around the country - ask her about church architecture or the etymology of her favourite place names and you'll have a friend for life....

Katie's London Tip!
Don't forget to make time to sample some of London's theatrical heritage while you're here - why not see a show at the National Theatre or at one of London's cosy West-End venues?


Born and raised in the capital, Joel is a Londoner through and through. He's spent the last few years working in British film and TV and in shows on the West End. When the acting work dries up Joel can be found leading eager tourists around his favourite London sites.

Joel's London Tip!
A quiet English pub may be a quaint place to have a drink, but put out your feelers and see if you can find any of London's many speak-easies and secret bars and have your own adventures while you're here.


A lifelong Londoner, Louis splits his time between tour guiding and working for a charity. He loves meeting new people from around the world and sharing the city with them. His interests include Victorian London, the royal family and cricket (though not necessarily in that order). Join him on a tour to find out his family connection to the royals*! *sort of..

Loui's London Tip!
Fancy a selfie outside the famous door of 10 Downing Street? Well, unless you feel like scaling the fence and getting tasered, head down to 10 Adam Street just off the Strand. The door looks just like the real thing, and your friends at home will be none the wiser!


Will met his fiancée in St James's Park while giving a tour back in 2013. He swiftly moved to Rio to be with her and returned this summer to bring his unique style of City exploration back to the streets of London. Will enjoys grand philanthropic acts, tinkering with ways to create world peace and swapping out his Ferrari engine into the chassis of his Lamborghini to confuse his Moviestar friends.

Will's London Tip!
The best thing to do in London is get lost... finding your way back will bring the adventure! Or if google maps has made that impossible you should take the Thames Clipper service it's much cheaper than the tourist cruise boats and faster! and you can use your oyster card. Final tip about Oyster cards... you can get your remaining credit and your £5 deposit back from the machines in the underground


A Texan transplant in London, Chase brings his southern charm to the British capitol, where he's been weaving his way through the world of British and European politics at Kingston University. When he's not writing his dissertation, he's out and about in the city, trying every beer available on tap and every food available on the grill. A historian by training and a self-professed Tudorphile, Chase loves to talk his way through Elizabethan London, and one day hopes to woo the Queen herself.

Chase's London Tip!
Eating your way through the Borough, Spitalfields, and Southbank Centre markets is a must to get a taste for the best of British and world foods.