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Carlton, originally from Cardiff in South Wales, has lived in London for the past 7 years. He came here to pursue his passion for acting and also loves the fast-paced nature of the city. Tour guiding is the perfect job for him outside of his acting work because he loves to socialize and meet new people.

Carlton’s London Tip!
The West End shows in London are some of the best pieces of theatre in the world so make sure you fit in a performance. There’s a stand in Leicester Square that sells tickets for a good price or try your luck in the lottery that some of the theatres run, where you can win free or heavily discounted tickets.


Having now spent 12 years living in London, when not found in a traditional British pub, Jonny can be seen up and down the country on stage performing as an actor or quite frequently here in London trying his hand in Stand-up comedy! These two combinations of talking loudly and being the centre of attention have lead him here, sharing his passion of London as a walking tour guide!

Jonathan’s London Tip!
Nothing says ‘London’ more than a good traditional British pub! Try some of the best Ale’s in the world over a traditional Sunday Lunch in a here in the capital. My favourite is ‘The George Inn’ by London Bridge – where it is said both Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare have had a pint or two!


Jan is an actor and a tour guide. Originally from Germany, he moved to London in 2015 to continue with his acting career. In 2016 Jan worked backstage on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child during the first year of its run and after leaving the production started guiding between acting gigs. When not on stage or out in the streets of London, Jan can be found producing

Jan’s London Tip!
London is the second most filmed city in the world, so if you’re into films don’t spend all your time in museums, run around the streets of London and try and recognize as many locations from famous films as possible. There is a theory that one can stand on any bridge across the Thames, point in any direction there’s at least a 90% chance you’re pointing at a location from a big budget flick.


Born and raised in the capital, Joel is a Londoner through and through. He's spent the last few years working in British film and TV and in shows on the West End.

Joel’s London Tip!
A quiet English pub may be a quaint place to have a drink, but put out your feelers and see if you can find any of London’s many speak-easies and secret bars and have your own adventures while you’re here.


Nathan has two passions – theatre, and history. Conveniently, he’s managed to find a job that allows him to express both passions simultaneously, and so he is always doing all he can to bring London’s rich history to life through dramatic arm movements, expressive eyebrows, and below par jokes. He also studied philosophy at university, and so will always be willing to have a chat about anything you like, be it existentialism, current events, or even (especially) the meaning of life.

Nathan’s London Tip!
London is a great place to buy some quirky stuff! Go down to the markets in Camden, Shoreditch, & Brixton. Browse the exotic food, the knock off t-shirts, and the endless supply of colorful harem pants.


Samy was born in London but quickly moved up north to Yorkshire where he grew up. However, a few years ago he decided that he loved London and its rich history, gastronomy, culture and nightlife way too much to spend any more time away, so he made a triumphant return to the greatest city in the world!

Samy is well-travelled and has lived abroad, in Spain and in Mexico. He knows all too well what it’s like being a tourist so understands the struggles of visiting a massive city and feeling completely disorientated and confused. That is why he is keen to make your stay in London as memorable as possible by showing you what he loves about this city that he now calls home.

Samy’s London Tip!
London is too beautiful for you to miss… so try not to spend most of your time on the tube, wandering through underground passageways. Walk as much as possible! You’ll get to know the city much better! Also, visit the less-known parks, like Richmond Park, where you can see deer roaming freely – it’s magical!


Born and raised in Italy, Christian has embarked on his first solo travel at the age of seventeen when he moved to the USA. There he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied Songwriting and Vocal Performance. During that time he also developed a passion for the theatre and acting which is what brought him to the city of London in 2015, where he’s been ever since. Another big passion of his is traveling, he believes that discovering new places and cultures while embarking on adventures captures the very essence being alive and present. That is the same feeling he hopes to give to people that are on his tours.

Christian’s London Tip!
London is a metropolitan city, however, it also has some of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen. Make sure to check out St. James, Regents, Battersea, and if you would like to see hundreds of deer roaming freely in nature you must go for a hike to the huge and beautiful Richmond Park. Also if you enjoy having a beer on a rooftop while watching the sunset I would recommend hitting the Netil 360 in Hackney.


Harry was born in London and has lived and worked in all parts of the city. He’s also travelled the rest of the UK whilst working as an actor and lived in Canterbury while studying. His theatre background lends itself perfectly to storytelling and luckily London’s history is crammed full or amazing people, spectacular events and great stories, which he loves telling.

He has 5 years’ experience as a London guide, working on boats, busses and hoverboards, but by far, his favorite way to explore London is on foot!

He occasionally ventures out of London for music festivals, snowboarding, and visiting other European cities.

Harry’s London Tip!
London is spoilt for Parks, you’ll see some of them on our tours, but to escape the hustle and bustle for an hour, there’s plenty to choose from. You can stroll from Buckingham Palace to Kensington Palace in Westminster or head down to Greenwich where the meridian line runs through the park!


Adam studied Ancient History at the University of Bristol, before moving on to Postgraduate studies in Law and Anthropology in London and Belgium. A native of London and a lover of history, he worked overseas for several years’ education, specialising in English and the Humanities, before returning and embarking on his career as a tour guide. While all things historical excite him, Adam’s chief interest is the capital’s rich political tapestry, from the Plantagenets’ Game of Thrones like dynastic struggles in the 12th century to the campaigns of the Suffragettes in the 20th. As a child, he was an extra in the first Harry Potter film and remains an avid enthusiast of all things Harry Potter. Aside from history and Harry Potter, Adam is a big sports fan, in particular cycling and football and happy to advise on queries about visiting any events.

Adam’s London Tip!
Adam’s city tip is to visit the beautiful 19th century Brompton cemetery, one of Britain’s oldest garden cemeteries, where you can find the grave of political activist and suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst, as well as many other prominent historical figures.