A tour guide by day and a folk singer by night, Glenn is in love with the Nation’s Capitol and takes pride in sharing his local knowledge. Desperately seeking a time machine, he wishes he could travel back to Victorian London just for a day. Glenn spends most of his time on the stage singing songs at people, the rest of the time he can be found in the park with his dog Bella. Head over to to check out his music.


Having now spent 12 years living in London, when not found in a traditional British pub, Jonny can be seen up and down the country on stage performing as an actor or quite frequently here in London trying his hand in Stand-up comedy! These two combinations of talking loudly and being the centre of attention have lead him here, sharing his passion of London as a walking tour guide!

Jonathan's London Tip!
Nothing says 'London' more than a good traditional British pub! Try some of the best Ale's in the world over a traditional Sunday Lunch in a here in the capital. My favourite is 'The George Inn' by London Bridge - where it is said both Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare have had a pint or two!


Veteran tour guide with more than 5 years experience, Linton is an Antipodean with degrees in Archaeology and Anthropology.

However, Linton prefers entertaining the living, rather than the dead (dull conversationalists) and enjoys revealing the startling and often humorous side of London and it's vivid history.

Linton's London Tip!
Remember to check out London's markets too! And not just Portobello or Camden. A boat ride to Greenwich Market makes a wonderful day trip.


William is an actor who graduated from LAMDA in 2016. William's tours uncover the humanity behind the history and the personality behind the city. Being a tour guide is the perfect job for Will since it combines his two favorite interests: drama and history (dramatic history). William has lived in London all his life and has been on lots of bizarre adventures in this weird and wonderful city. Don't ask him about the time he fell in the river...

William's London Tip!
London is a collection of unique villages. Each have their own distinct characteristics. Whether that be food, history, buildings or accents. Try and experience as many different parts of London as you can. Or more to the locals!


When not gallivanting around London with tour groups in tow, artist and actor Katie can be found gallivanting across the various theatres and stages of England, trying her hand at the life of a professional actor. Despite being dangerously close to a 'proper' job, she has found she really, thoroughly enjoys putting her Cambridge history degree to good use as a tour guide in various locations around the country - ask her about church architecture or the etymology of her favourite place names and you'll have a friend for life....

Katie's London Tip!
Don't forget to make time to sample some of London's theatrical heritage while you're here - why not see a show at the National Theatre or at one of London's cosy West-End venues?


Born and raised in the capital, Joel is a Londoner through and through. He's spent the last few years working in British film and TV and in shows on the West End. When the acting work dries up Joel can be found leading eager tourists around his favourite London sites.

Joel's London Tip!
A quiet English pub may be a quaint place to have a drink, but put out your feelers and see if you can find any of London's many speak-easies and secret bars and have your own adventures while you're here.


Nathan has two passions – theatre, and history. Conveniently, he’s managed to find a job that allows him to express both passions simultaneously, and so he is always doing all he can to bring London’s rich history to life through dramatic arm movements, expressive eyebrows, and below par jokes. He also studied philosophy at university, and so will always be willing to have a chat about anything you like, be it existentialism, current events, or even (especially) the meaning of life.

Nathan's London Tip!
London is a great place to buy some quirky stuff! Go down to the markets in Camden, Shoreditch, & Brixton. Browse the exotic food, the knock off t-shirts, and the endless supply of colorful harem pants.


Ben (a name that shouldn't be too difficult to remember for someone seeking out London's grandest monuments) has been learning London’s streets for twenty plus years. And having always been a storyteller of sorts - being a child actor on the west-end, learning the craft of playwriting at RADA and performing spoken word poetry - he's found in drawing blood out of the stones of his city with a troupe of passionate explorers the uncompromising collision of his great interests: London, stories and people...

So, come and join Ben in drawing more blood from London's greatest stones with a continual present exploration and often interactive interpretation of the characters and moments that have shaped London and its people.

Ben's London Tip!
Push off the central beaten roads and go to some of London's suburbs for an afternoon/ evening to experience where the Londoners live and interact: Brixton, Peckham, Deptford, Greenwich are good places to start.


Born in Essex, famous for being the birthplace of radio & Helen Mirren, home to Britain's oldest town & first capital, Anne Boleyn & Geoff Hurst and the resting place of Harold Godwinson. And, a terrible television show.

Nick made his way to London via Michigan in the United States and Melbourne, Australia but is now in London perusing a career as an actor and performing his poetry while harbouring delusions of being the next James Bond.

Nick's London Tip!
Grab a bottle of prosecco or couple of beers (whatever tickles your fancy) and head to Primrose Hill for sunset with one of the best views in London.
Alternatively make your way to The Coach and Horses on Greek street in Soho. Every Saturday they wheel out the piano and the entire pub joins in singing, the more beers you've had the better you sound I'm told.


Ancient history and archaeology graduate Rachael loves to explore London's incredible history. After many exciting archaeological digs, and finally getting her fifteen seconds of fame on the Channel 4 archaeological series "Time Team", Rachael decided to trade in her trusty trowel for the giant red Strawberry Tours umbrella! Now, Rachael loves nothing more than to help people explore and enjoy the city she was born and raised in.

Rachael's London Tip!
Walk along the beach on the South Bank of the River Thames at low tide, you never know what treasures you might find!