No season suits London better than the summer season - as visitors are able to take advantage of the warmer temperatures, longer days and (hopefully) less amounts of rain.

And because London isn't exactly famous for its warmer, dryer temperatures throughout the different seasons of the year, some venues only put on events during the summer months; meaning there's not only a lot more things to do in London during the month of August, but a lot more fun to be had as well.

If you're searching around for things to do and see in London this month, here are the top ten events happening in and around London for the month of August:

1. Go on a sculpture treasure hunt for Sculpture In The City

Basically a treasure hunt for adults and art-lovers, Sculpture In The City is an annual outdoor art exhibit which makes for a fun day of exploring the City of London by searching for sculptures placed around The Square Mile. Some of the many artists included in this year's exhibit include Damien Hirst, Karen Tang, the Recycle Group and Martin Creed (who has designed a hilarious tree "blooming" with plastic bags caught in the branches). To find all the different sculptures included in the event you can check out the map of the trail here.

2. Go on a tour inside Buckingham Palace

Every year during the summer months, Buckingham Palace opens its doors to visitors so they can tour around the palace (much to the disappointment of those visiting London during the spring and winter months). This year, (until October 1st), tourists are welcome to explore the State Rooms and the Buckingham Palace Gardens which includes a visit to the Palace's three-acre lake, and even the Palace tennis court. Also, in honour of the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death, Buckingham Palace has put on a special exhibit dedicated to the late princess in the palace's Music Room.

Visitors can choose between three different tours: The State Rooms Tour (£23 for adults) The State Rooms And Garden Highlights Tour (£32.50) or The Royal Day Out Tour (The Queen's Gallery, The Royal Mews, and The State Rooms (£39.50). Children under the ages of five can get in for free, and there are also discounted tickets available for seniors, students, families and disabled visitors. (For more information click here).

3. Get seats for a BBC Proms show

The summer season might as well be known as "BBC Proms season" in South Kensington, but the event is actually famous all around the world for hosting daily orchestral music concerts in Royal Albert Hall each summer. This year, BBC Proms performances will feature tributes to Mozart and Bach, a variety of genres like swing, jazz and soul, and even classical music from India and Pakistan. (You can also check the Proms' calendar here).

Tickets cost anywhere from £12 to £65 depending on where your seat is located in the venue as well as the event itself; but if you're on a tight budget you can always go for the standing "Promming" tickets which are available online between 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on the day of each concert, and cost as little as £6; (more info here).

4. Watch a movie in the great outdoors for Somerset House's Film4 Summer Screen series

Does sitting outside on a warm summer evening watching one of your favourite films being projected onto a giant screen sound like a dream come true? Well for 14 nights (and 14 nights only) in August, Somerset House will be hosting its popular Film4 Summer Screen event, with this year's roster including showings of Cruel Intentions, In Bruges, and Moonlight, as well as double-billed nights of Jaws and Deliverance (on August 19th), and Donnie Darko and The Omen (August 12th).

The event takes place between August 10th and 23rd, with tickets costing anywhere from £17 to £24. (You can book your tickets here).

5. Party it up at the Notting Hill Carnival

If you happen to be in London during August bank holiday weekend, then you're in luck. Because this year (just like every year since the 1960s) the August bank holiday weekend in London means one thing and one thing only: Going to the Notting Hill Carnival.

Dubbed as "Britain's biggest street party" which celebrates London's Caribbean communities, the festival technically kicks off on Saturday evening (August 26th) with a free open-air performance by national steel bands, but the parades (which take place at 9 a.m. on both Sunday and Monday) are the biggest events, with Monday's parade basically being the "grand finale" of the festival.

For more information on the best way to get to Notting Hill Carnival during the August bank holiday weekend click here.

6. Watch a "Londinium" gladiator game

Do you have a fascination with anything and everything related to Roman history? Well luckily for you if you're in London this August, the city will be hosting a series of Roman-related events in celebration of London's fascinating Roman history.

The events will be running until October 29th, but there's a ton of events lined up for the month of August alone: From August 5th to 15th Guildhall Yard will be showing a collection of Roman-inspired films like Monty Python's Life of Brian (August 7th) and Gladiator (August 15th), and you can also learn more about the art of Roman wine making (and even sample a glass or two) at London's Roman Amphitheatre on August 24th. But out of all the Roman-inspired events taking place in London in August, be sure to head to the Guildhall Yard during the bank holiday weekend to watch a realistic gladiator game for as little as £20 per adult.

You can find more info about the gladiator games here, or the other Londinium events being held around London in August here.

7. Get standing tickets for Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Seeing that performances at The Globe Theatre only run from April to October, watching a classic Shakespearean performance in a world-famous, open-air theatre in London this August is a must. But if you're on a tight budget you can always get standing-only tickets which cost as little as £5, and allow you to watch the performance feet away from the stage and actors, just like the audience did in Shakespearean times. Sure your feet might get sore after awhile, but it will be easy to forget about with the summer sun beating down on your face as you laugh along to King Lear, (and the fact that you only paid a fraction of the cost for tickets might help relieve the pain as well).

For more information on show times and ticket costs here.

8. Marvel at  Pablo Picasso's artwork (for free!)

Until August 25th, the Gagosian Gallery in Mayfair will be hosting a fascinating (and free) exhibition on the artwork of Pablo Picasso, or, more specifically, his obsession with bulls and how bullfighting influenced his art over the years. (The show was also curated by Sir John Richardson, who was not only Picasso's close friend and biographer, but also attended bullfights with the artist before he died as well). Visitors can even check out various photographs and short film clips of the artist, and other objects which were given as loans from various museums and private collections.

You can find more information about the exhibition (titled "Picasso: Minotaurs And Matadors") here.

9. Watch a dance performance at Southbank Centre's Summertime Festival

Southbank Centre's Summertime Festival always draws huge crowds during the month of August, and this year is no exception. Taking place across six weekends in London over the summer holidays, visitors can see a classic Romeo And Juliet ballet performance (from August 1st to August 5th), feast on Swedish crayfish (August 19th and 20th), or watch in awe as The Icelandic Dance Company blows your socks off (but only between August 18th and 20th). Tickets cost anywhere from £15 to £30 depending on the event, and you can find more information here.

10. See a classic Dickensian performance at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

Regent's Park Open Air Theatre is always a popular place to go to if you want to watch a theatre performance in London's great outdoors, but this year's show line-up is arguably the venue's best one yet.

Depending on when you're in London, you could watch a performance of Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities or Oliver Twist (up until August 5th), or Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar (from August 11th). Tickets cost anywhere from £18 to £60 depending on the date, the performance, and where your seats are located, and it's highly recommended that you book your tickets online and in advance from the official event pages.