The perfect London Strawberry Tour based on your personality

Don’t bother with those silly Facebook quizzes telling you what kind of pizza you are (guilty as charged), because here at Strawberry Tours we already know which tour would best suit you according to your personality.

From tours ranging from street art around Shoreditch, the fascinating architecture of Westminster and even the rock and rollers who helped make Soho famous during the 1960s, there’s bound to be a tour that perfectly taps into your interests, whatever they may be:

For music lovers

If you know each and every song off Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Abbey Road and/or can recite all the lyrics to Oasis’ “Wonderwall,” then our Soho Tour is just for you. During the tour, you’ll learn more about some of the greatest rock bands who once used Soho as their stomping ground, and even see the exact spot where the term “Beatlemania” first originated.

For foodies

England’s cuisine goes well beyond the classic fish and chips wrapped up in newspaper (which is bloody delicious, for the record), but given that London is a cosmopolitan city with so many different nationalities and cultures, its many cuisines cover nearly every corner on the planet.

If you’re hoping to learn more about London’s thriving foodie scene, our London Landmarks South Tour will lead you through London’s Borough Market, which is considered to be the epicentre of London’s gastronomy scene.

Our London Landmarks East Tour also leads past another world-famous London market (Leadenhall Market), and our Soho Tour will take you through the smells and sights of Chinatown in London’s West End.

For film and theatre fanatics

From wandering through Diagon Alley to seeing the Ministry of Magic with your very own eyes, no Strawberry Tour taps into the cinematic world quite like our Harry Potter Tour. But our film and theatre-focused tours don’t just stop there.

Our Soho Tour will lead you through London’s thriving West End theatre district, and theatre fans will adore strolling past the glorious Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on our London Landmark South Tour.

And let’s not forget about our fascinating London Ghost Tour which covers some of the most haunted theatres in the city like the Royal Haymarket Theatre!

For history buffs

From the towering spires of Westminster Abbey, the cobblestone streets of Whitechapel, to some of the oldest landmarks in the City of London, every street and corner of the English capital offers a little magic for any history lover. And although each and every one of our tours focuses on London’s detailed history at some point or another, if you’re really hoping to get down to the nitty-gritty of London history, there’s a few of our tours that certainly pop out:

Our London Landmarks West Tour covers Westminster (which is essentially a history lover’s paradise), and even discusses what life in London was like during the Second World War as well as the most notable British royals. And our London Landmarks East Tour covers some of the most famous and historic buildings and landmarks in the English capital (like the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Temple Church, just to name a few). If you are a real history buff and you come to London only two days, your tour is, with no doubt, the free London in a day tour, which covers the most important historic sites of the city. It´s one of our most popular tours!

But out of all the famous historic tales based out of London, none have captivated the public quite like the world’s most infamous unsolved crime (AKA The Whitechapel Murders), which we delve on our fascinating Jack The Ripper Tour.

For art followers

London’s East End street art scene has become famous all around the world, so if you want to learn more about it then going on our Free Street Art & Graffiti Tour is pretty obvious.

Our London Landmarks South Tour will also take you past the Tate Modern (one of the world’s most famous modern and contemporary art museums), and you’ll also get the chance to see the world- renowned National Gallery on our London Landmarks West Tour.

For more information on our different free tours as well as their meeting points and starting times, click here.