When you were a child did you ever wish that you could stop being a kid and act like a grown up for a few hours? Well luckily KidZania London allows children to do just that.

KidZania (which translates as “The Land of Cool Kids”) is a 75,000 square foot attraction in London where kids are essentially in charge of KidZania city. By combining learning and entertainment, kids can expand their knowledge of the real world by learning essential life skills like team work, financial literacy, and how to succeed in a future career.

KidZania helps give children between the ages of four and 14 the confidence to challenge themselves by trying 60 “real life” role-playing activities, such as acting as a police officer fighting crime in the streets, learning how to style hair like a beautician, or even something as simple as opening up a bank account.

KidZania, Advertising Agency KidZania, Animation Studio
KidZania, Chocolate Factory KidZania, interior. KidZania, Music Academy

Kidzania Highlights

Some of the many activities/jobs kids can participate in at KidZania London include:

  • Act on stage as an actor, actress or puppeteer, or learn magic tricks as a magician at the Acting Academy.
  • Take a ride on a fire engine with the Fire & Rescue Unit
  • Design print adverts at the Advertising Agency, or create your own Pokemon video at the Animation Studio
  • Compete in a karaoke competition or do a dance activity at the Dance Club
  • Crack mystery clues as a forensic investigator or act as a police officer at the Police Department
  • Learn how to play the drums at the Music Academy
  • Create your own special ingredient or recipe at the Burger Shop, the Wrap Factory, or the Smoothie Kitchen
  • Learn how to change a tire at the Engineering Centre, or train to become a professional air conditioning engineer
  • Work in teams and sell your dream home at the Estate Agency
  • Design your own fashion show or photo shoot at the Fashion Studio
  • Act as a reporter for the city newspaper
  • Broadcast your own radio show from the KidZania Radio Station, or anchor your own news broadcast at the TV Studio
  • Learn how to identify counterfeit notes at The Vault

There are also a variety of activities for children under the ages of four, so they can play games and musical instruments, dress-up in different outfits, and watch a puppet show. There's also an inflatable bedroom with a water trampoline and a Shopping Alley where children can purchase jewellery, souvenirs and more.

Special Tips

  • Make sure you keep the receipts after you purchase anything at KidZania, as it will contain a code to download photos of your child's visit on KidZania's official website.
  • Try to encourage your child to stick to the shorter queues so he or she can try as many jobs as possible during their four-hour visit. Otherwise, your child may be waiting in queue for up to 40 to 45 minutes just to try one job activity.
  • Also, try to have something to eat beforehand so your child doesn't get hungry halfway through his or her session!