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At Strawberry Tours we are extremely passionate about what we do. In 2013 we opened shop with one very clear idea in our minds: provide the best quality tours in the market at a price that adapts to all pockets.

We strongly believe in quality tourism, quality not being a synonym of luxury, but integrity. We understand tourism as an activity that brings people from different cultures together through understanding. This deeper understanding can only be achieved through history, as only through history can we see where we come from, where we are, and where we are going. We accept the responsibility of unveiling the secrets of a city to its visitors with great enthusiasm.

So how do we go about our very high aims and expectations? Well, the only two possible ways. Firstly our product, we have carefully designed tours that will cover the most interesting areas of a city, giving you the best possible insider understanding of the whys and hows. Our tours won’t just entertain you (they will), or make you laugh (they’ll do that too), or tell you weird fun anecdotes (we definitely love those!), but they’ll also strive to give you a sound understanding of the city, in all its many aspects: historical, social, political, cultural…

Secondly our team: we work with passionate driven freelance guides. Individuals who show great ambition in the development of their tours. Individuals who are highly motivated and totally in love with their city. Individuals who never tire of learning more and more about the place they live in. Eccentric, weird, obsessive, insightful individuals capable of tailoring their tours to their interests, who will not rest until their tours are excellent.

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Meet Our Guides

Friendly, fun, experienced and most importantly - full of information!



Carlton, originally from Cardiff in South Wales, has lived in London for the past 7 years. He came here to pursue his passion for acting and also loves the fast-paced nature of the city. Tour guiding is the perfect job for him outside of his acting work because he loves to socialize and meet new people.

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Having now spent 12 years living in London, when not found in a traditional British pub, Jonny can be seen up and down the country on stage performing as an actor or quite frequently here in London trying his hand in Stand-up comedy! These two combinations of talking loudly and being the centre of attention have lead him here, sharing his passion of London as a walking tour guide!

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Jan is an actor and a tour guide. Originally from Germany, he moved to London in 2015 to continue with his acting career. In 2016 Jan worked backstage on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child during the first year of its run and after leaving the production started guiding between acting gigs. When not on stage or out in the streets of London, Jan can be found producing

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