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When: Wed, Fri & Sun


Language: English & Spanish


Duration: 2,5 hours


Price: Free

When it comes to food, Habaneros don’t joke around. If you go to a restaurant you’ll be served a dish too big to finish. But in the midst of a busy day, who has time to sit down at a restaurant? This is the reason why Havana has developed an extremely diverse and lively street food scene. Join our Free Havana Food Tour and discover the Cuban capital’s tastiest side!

Savour the cheapest and yummiest lobster in the world! Enjoy a slice of Cuban pizza and eat the best Ropa Vieja in town – this dish, which literally means “old clothes”, consists of shredded beef with onions and peppers–much tastier than you’d imagine from its name!

The secret to Cuban street food’s deliciousness is its natural ingredients; on our Food Tour of Havana you’ll be seduced by its simple and diverse essence. To get the best experience from this tour, we recommend that you save your appetite, so don’t eat breakfast beforehand!

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*You decide how much to eat and spend. Forget about paying an expensive ticket for a tour and having to eat food that you may not like or are unable to because of dietary restrictions or allergies. You decide exactly what to get, with the help of our experienced guides’ recommendations. If you buy an item from each place, the total cost will only be about $12 or even less if you’re sharing! Cuba is unique in all aspects, so when it comes to its food venues, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone a bit to get the most out of our one-of-a-kind Food Tour. You are, of course, absolutely welcome to join us on this tour even if you don’t want to eat anything but want to learn about Havana’s fascinating food culture.


Free Havana Food Tour Highlights

  • Visit only local places where Habaneros eat, avoid the tourist traps, eat like a local, spend very little money, and feel like a Cuban for the day!
  • None of the dishes you will eat on our tour are processed, they come directly from the earth.
  • Try fresh tropical ingredients are assembled in colourful and clever ways, providing a great gastronomic experience at an extremely affordable price!


Price: Free

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Free Havana Food Tour Features


I would highly recommend this tour

5 out of 5

Excellent tour with Julie. Just as advertised, free and tip what you want at the end. It was about a 4.5 hour tour. We paid for food but she also paid a few places on our behalf. Great, safe way, to try Cuban food as it was apparent that she knew all the restaurant staff. We had fried malanga, frozen (soft-serve), coffee, guava pastry, street corn, lobster with plantains and a coconut sweet ball. We also visited a local market. Nice group of people in our tour from all over the world. I would highly recommend this tour.

Beth M - Massachusetts, USA

May 2019

A great way to get to know a city

5 out of 5

I took two tours with Strawberry--a walking tour of the city and a food tour. A food tour is, in my opinion, a great way to get to know a place. This tour introduced me to hands down the best coffee shop on Havana--O'Reilly's. Try the Bonbon--foam on top, a layer of strong coffee in the middle, and sweetened condensed milk in the bottom, served in a glass so that you can admire the layers before you stir and drink it. The guide, Alex, also showed us a local market, a great place for ice cream, and introduced us to the small sweet bananas you can find in Havana.I met some great people, got a nice sampling of the food Havana has to offer, and started learning my way around the old city. Highly recommend.

Heather M - Washington, USA

April 2019


Starting Point

Starting Point: Francisco de Albear Statue

Francisco de Albear Statue in front of El Floridita Bar (See Map).


The Free Havana Food Tour runs every Wed, Fri & Sun at 14.00 from the Francisco de Albear Statue in front of El Floridita Bar. No tours on the 25th - 27th of July and 1st of January.

The Free Havana Food Tour ends around "El Malecon".

The Free Havana Food Tour lasts around 2.5h.

Yes we will be there rain, hail or shine. Just make sure to have suitable clothing and consider bringing an umbrella if necessary.

Go to the meeting point and look for our guide carrying a board with "Strawberry Tours" logo on it. If you have any problems finding the location please send us an email at: havana@strawberrytours.com

Due to the high demand of our tours you can only join the tour if you have made a reservation. So please make a reservation: it is absolutely free, it takes less than one minute, and it helps us make sure that we have enough guides there to cover the demand. Help us make your Strawberry Tour experience unforgettable! Please note that we can't take groups of 8 people or more on our regular tours, instead, please get in touch with us here to enquire about a private tour.

We believe that everyone, no matter their budget, should be able to experience and enjoy what Havana has to offer. We also believe that the price of the tour should correlate with your budget and how much you enjoyed it. Therefore, our tours run on a “Pay-What-It’s-Worth” basis. So at the end of the tour everyone can choose to contribute with what they thought it was worth. Our Tour Guides work for tips only and receive no other compensation for running the tour.

In an effort to keep the group sizes manageable and enjoyable for everyone in the group we don’t allow groups of 8 people or more to join our regular tours. Instead , please get in touch with us here to enquire about a private tour.

All our tours are given by licensed and independent working Cuban tour guides which constitutes as “support for the Cuban people” and are therefore OFAC compliant.

Please leave your details below to enquire

Someone in our team will get back to you within 24h.

Price Free

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Price: Free

No need to print ticket.

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