When it comes to food, habaneros don’t joke around. If you go to a restaurant you’ll be served a dish so big that you won’t be able to finish it. But in the midst of a busy day, who has time to sit down at a restaurant? This is the reason why Havana has developed an extremely diverse and lively street food scene. Join our Free Havana Food Tour and discover the Cuban capital’s tastiest side!

The secret to Cuban street food’s undeniable deliciousness is its natural ingredients. None of the dishes you will eat on our tour are processed, they come directly from the earth.

Savour the cheapest and yummiest lobster in the world! Enjoy a slice of Cuban pizza, introduced by Italians yet so different from any other pizza you’ve ever tried. Eat the best Ropa Vieja in town – this dish, which literally means “old clothes”, consists of shredded beef with onions and peppers–much tastier than you’d imagine from its name!

On our Free Food Tour of Havana, you’ll be seduced by the simple and diverse nature of Cuban food, and you will be amazed at how fresh tropical ingredients are assembled in colourful and clever ways, thus providing a great gastronomic experience at an extremely affordable price! To get the best experience from this tour, we recommend that you save your appetite, so don't eat breakfast beforehand!

*You decide how much you want to eat and thus how much you will spend. Forget about paying an expensive ticket for a food tour and having to eat food that you may not like or are unable to eat because of dietary restrictions or allergies. You decide exactly what you will eat, with the help of our experienced guides’ recommendations . If you get an item from each place, the total cost will only be about $12, or even less if you're sharing! Cuba is unique in all aspects, so when it comes to its food venues, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone a bit to get the most out of our one-of-a-kind Food Tour. You are, of course, absolutely welcome to join us on this tour even if you don't want to eat anything but want to learn about Havana’s fascinating food culture.

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Arriving on a cruise ship? No problem! Our starting point is just a 10-minute walk from the port and we are also OFAC-compliant. If our tour schedule does not fit your arrival to Havana we can also offer private tours with flexible starting times and port pick-up and drop-off. Click here to find out more.