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What to see in Hanoi

Hanoi has so many beautiful, captivating sites and daily customs rooted in ancient traditions, that one should absolutely take advantage of every second in the city. Enjoy stunning views and an extraordinary culture instead of worrying about what to see or where to start. Wander in this unique metropolis next to a local guide on a free walking tour with the certainty that your visit will be enhanced in the best possible way no matter what your budget is! Learn about French occupation and Hanoi’s independence, as well as how Chinese and Russian influences helped shape Vietnam’s capital as seen today. 

Join the Free Tours of Hanoi to try exotic beverages, culinary delights, and explore a remarkable handicraft-making plethora. Witness a centenary spiritual drive, profound philosophy, and artistic forces that demonstrate a singular Vietnamese cultural twist imprinted everywhere. Stroll among must-see landmarks such as the historic Ba Dinh Square, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Lenin Monument, National Museum of Fine Arts, the Temple of Literature, Presidential Palace, and more in just a few hours by foot!   

Free Tours in Hanoi offer a comfortable, fun, and educational closeness to the city’s everyday life. You can find many historical footprints in its towers, memorials, squares, museums, palaces, and temples, not to mention its diversity. Enjoy exploring Vietnam’s capital by foot for free!

More Free Tours in Hanoi

See Hanoi by foot and save a few bucks! The foremost way to get a chance to explore the city and learn about its history is by joining one of the free walking tours offered throughout this amazing place. Below you’ll find some of the best ones at your disposal:

Free Walking Tours Hanoi – Old Quarter

Join a 2-hour free tour alongside a local expert who will tell you fascinating tales and historic secrets about French occupation, great heroes, and influential leaders in Hanoi. Understand their architectural legacies, cuisine, and lifestyle while you get must-know insights navigating through vibrant streets, parks, and the Old Quarter reachable on foot! 

Hanoi Free Walking Tours

Hanoi has so much to offer to their traveling visitors. Knowledgeable Vietnamese students are eager to show the capital’s full potential, beautiful culture, and unique adventures. From half-day tours in the Old Quarter to those centered around the Temple of Literature, everyone can expect wonderful and informative strolls in this impressive city for free!

Please note Strawberry Tours does not operate the tours listed above, however, we are currently looking for people from all over the world who are excited to show their hometown to others.

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