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Best Free Tours in Burgos

The north of Spain offers a trove of wonderful gastronomy and Gothic architecture to explore, but nowhere will you find a bigger offer of tourist attractions than in Burgos. This region steeped in history has been inhabited by Celts, Romans, Visigoths and became an important military stronghold during the Medieval Ages. With so much to discover, travel smart and join Free Walking Tours in Burgos! If you have just arrived in the region, start the trip off right with the Essential Burgos City Tour. It’s an easy walk around the old town with a local guide and a small group of interesting travelers. You will discover the main highlights, tons of interesting facts and listen to many tips about what else to do here. By night, the Free Myths and Legends Tour is a must-join experience. You will hear about the ghosts that haunt the Cathedral and many more spooky stories.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Burgos

There are so many wonders to explore with Burgos Free Walking Tours! In particular, the city boasts one of the most sensational Gothic cathedrals in the world. This designated UNESCO World Heritage Site was a major stop for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) and it took several centuries to build (from the 13th to the 15th century!). Beyond the Cathedral, Free Tours in Burgos will take you to explore many other highlights and secret places in the old town. At the beautiful Arch of Santa Maria, you will see one of the twelve medieval gates that protected the city during the Middle Ages. Casa del Cordon is one of the several spectacular 14th-century mansions that travelers can still find walking the old town. Also, Paseo del Espolon is a tree-lined boulevard ideal for taking a walk while enjoying the laid-back atmosphere. Join a local guide and enjoy a wonderful day in Burgos!

Things to Do in Burgos

On the outskirts of the Burgos, you can’t miss the Monastery of the Royal Retreats, boasting Gothic cloisters of unsurpassed beauty. A bit farther away from the city center is the stunning Miraflores Charterhouse, a palace transformed into a Carthusian monastery that was favored by kings and queens to the point of amassing a trove of lavish statues and decorations. Beyond religious buildings, Burgos has many interesting museums, including one of the top museums in Spain: The Museum of Human Evolution. This interactive museum exhibits important fossils and stone tools of the earliest known hominids in West Europe, all recovered in the nearby archeological site of Atapuerca. And, of course, Burgos gastronomy is a pleasure to be discovered in the many bars, taverns and restaurants of the old town. You should taste traditional white cheese, ‘morcilla’ (black pudding) and local wines.

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