Free Recoleta Cemetery Tour Buenos Aires

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Free Recoleta Cemetery Tour Buenos Aires

  • Visit the best example of the opulence of the Argentine social elites at the end of the 19th century.
  • Hear the story of young Liliana Crociati, whose tomb was decorated exactly as her bedroom.
  • Discover the cultural spaces and parks full of life that surround the cemetery.
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Tour Features

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Recoleta History

Free La Recoleta Cemetery Tour Feature2

Eva Peron’s mausoleum

Free La Recoleta Cemetery Tour Feature3

Duarte’s mausoleum

Free La Recoleta Cemetery Tour Feature4

Rufina Cambacere’s tomb

Free La Recoleta Cemetery Tour Feature5

Liliana Crociati’s statue

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Our Lady of the Pillar Church

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Floralis Generica

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Recoleta Cultural Center

These are some of the features your tour might include, but please bear in mind that every guide create their unique itinerary to provide the best possible experience.
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Buenos Aires is synonymous with glamour, culture, grand avenues, Art Deco buildings and bookstores. But by joining the Free Recoleta Cemetery Tour in Buenos Aires you will also discover the most melancholic, mysterious and historical side of Argentina’s capital. Although visiting a cemetery may not be on your list of things to do on vacation, this burial ground inaugurated in 1822 is a spectacular open-air museum and a must-see landmark in Buenos Aires. Walking through the Recoleta Cemetery area with an expert guide and a small group of international travelers, you'll have a fun time, learn about art, and take amazing photos.

Recoleta is a luxurious upper-class neighborhood full of mansions and palaces; and its cemetery is also the resting place of many famous and important people from Buenos Aires and Argentina. Presidents, famous writers and the city's richest families have their mausoleums in this magnificent cemetery. The urbanism of Recoleta’s cemetery is different from any other graveyard you have visited in your life. Why? Because it was designed like a real city: it has blocks, streets with names and small squares. But instead of houses, there are luxurious tombs. Walking through this unique cemetery, you will stroll among beautiful mausoleums, domes and sculptures.

Eva Peron, Sarmiento, Raul Alfonsin, Victoria Ocampo... are just some of the celebrities whose remains rest in the cemetery. In addition to seeing these spectacular mausoleums, on the tour you'll hear plenty of ghost stories about unfortunate girls buried alive, banshees, and other poltergeists. The tour may also include a walk through the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of the cemetery, where you can enjoy parks and other cultural landmarks. This tour is perfect to delve into Argentine culture, as well as its classic architecture. Book your seat now to enjoy a fantastic day sightseeing!

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