Free San Telmo Market Tour Buenos Aires

  • Soak up the sights, sounds and taste the mouthwatering food in the historical Market of San Telmo.
  • Wander the streets Buenos Aires’s oldest neighborhood that echo with the sound of Tango.
  • See some of Argentina’s most beloved characters as you stroll along Comic Strip Walk.
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Latest reviews

Muy entretenida e interactiva...Julian el guía un capo. Super recomendable
Mariano sebastian
Fue una experiencia hermosa, aprendimos muchisimo de la historia de nuestra argentina

Embark on the Free San Telmo Tour to explore Buenos Aires' oldest neighborhood, home to narrow cobblestone paths and grand 19th-century residences. This tour offers an ideal first look at this untouched, charming district and is also designed for those intrigued by tango history and Argentine comic strips. You'll experience the vibrant San Telmo Market, an indoor haven for fresh produce, tempting delights, and a growing number of eateries and bars. Your guide will introduce the local Sunday tradition—the San Telmo flea market. From Lezama Square to the Modern Art Museum, you'll experience the rich cultural heritage and lore of this extraordinary neighborhood.

The San Telmo Free Tour leads you through charming streets where you'll feel transported back in time. Discover narrow streets where the old Spanish Colony's rich families lived. See the best-preserved colonial houses in town and even the city's narrowest house! As you walk, your guide will narrate the area's history and its transformation from a wealthy neighborhood to a home for poor European immigrants after cholera and yellow fever outbreaks. You'll discover how this area became the birthplace of tango and understand this dance's significance to Argentinians. You'll also hear about a maze of underground tunnels connecting historic streets.

Wandering through the neighborhood, you'll fall in love with its artistic and wonderfully bohemian vibe. Tour highlights include the stunning San Ignacio de Loyola Church and the Church of San Telmo. Visit part of the quirky comic strip walk and take photos with some of Argentina’s beloved characters, including the internationally acclaimed Mafalda, a lovely and fiercely intelligent child. Don't hesitate to ask your guide any questions; they'll happily answer. During the tour, do not hesitate to ask your guide as many questions as you wish; they will be more than happy to answer them. And, of course, you’ll come away with a host of recommendations for the best restaurants, coffee shops, souvenir shops, and traditional taverns.
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