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Join us and explore the coolest neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, the area with the highest density of cultural and gastronomic options in the city, a neighbourhood so hip that they had to add Soho to its name! Join us on our Free Palermo Soho Tour and discover how traditional music has become a modern form of existence.

Walk through a neighborhood which used to be a suburb and now has become the home of the most cutting-edge movements in Buenos Aires. Imagine its past of dusty, dim-lit streets walked by bandits and malevos whistling improvised tunes tunes from shadow to shadow. Admire its transformation: How its humble one-floor houses with big wooden doors or rusty metal shutters have become works of art covered by murals or vertical gardens. Enjoy a fresh craft beer or a good glass of Malbec wine in one of its trendy bars, where porteños go to both see and be seen.

On our Free Palermo Soho Tour you’ll discover why this unique and special neighbourhood had such great magnetism over great writers like Cortazar or Borges. You will enjoy a fun and relaxed evening of drinks and music, and if you wish to do so, you may even end up dancing until dawn in one of its many boliches. For Palermo Soho is fashion, gastronomy and leisure; street art and avant-garde music; Mendoza wine... And, most importantly, a place were the cutting-edge meets tradition.