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Have you ever about the mysterious wonders of the Asian culture? How different is it from Western culture and how similar they are to each other? If your answer to one of these answers is yes, you should consider visiting the capital of China – Beijing. However, we recommend booking Free Walking Tours in Beijing in advance to avoid getting lost in such an enormous metropolis. A Beijing City Tour around the ancient Hutongs, or a Beijing Free Walking Tour in the Forbidden City will take you to the heart of the capital, and let you have an understanding of the city’s history and culture. Additionally, there are Free New Beijing Tours that will let you explore the stunning modern Olympic area. Of course, there are also Excursions to the Great Wall with daily departures to the areas of Mutianyu. Finally, you will love joining Free Chinese Food Tours that will take you to local places to try the most delicious foods.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Beijing

Beijing is China’s impressive capital that has a history that is more than 3 millennia old. It is the second largest city in China, after only Shanghai. It is the nation’s political, cultural and educational main hub. For tourists, Beijing is known for both its signature traditional structures and the innovative modern skyscrapers. Beijing alone possesses 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, Zhoukoudian, Temple of Heaven, and parts of the Great Wall and the Grand Canal. Each one is a world treasure. Besides those traditional places, Beijing’s modern architecture is also very impressive, such as the National Center for the Performing Arts, the SOHO area or the Olympic Park, especially the Beijing National Stadium (the ‘Nest’). A great way to see the enormous city is to take Free Tours in Beijing. Visiting this iconic capital with a free guide means you get to see it all.

Things to Do in Beijing

Beijing is the meeting point of young and old, of new and ancient, of East and West. You can find the most ancient structure from the very old time China to the new high-rise skyscrapers. You can find dim sum for breakfast, as well as sausage and pancakes. With so much to do, we recommend starting your day of sightseeing in Beijing with a hearty breakfast around the hutongs of Dongzhimen area, in the east of the city. After visiting the Forbidden City, go to Beihai Park to relax and see local people dancing, singing, performing opera or doing kung fu. For lunch, you absolutely must book a table at one of the many locations of the legendary Quanjude restaurant. There, you will be able to taste the most famous Beijing Duck served in the city. After lunch, you can go shopping for tea, antiques, brushes, silk, pearls, jade ornaments or electronics in commercial areas such as Sanlitun.

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