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Best Free Tours in Vigo

Discover the culture of Galicia with free walking tours in Vigo! Whether you’re a local or just visiting, these free tours are sure to give you an unforgettable experience. Explore the sights and sounds of Vigo while learning about the culture, history, and food of this beautiful city. For a great introduction, take the Free Vigo City Tour. This guided walk will take you around the main points of interest in and around the city center, giving you insight into local history from the Roman occupation through the medieval era, and what makes it unique today. If you're interested in some spooky stories about pirates and mermaids then join a local guide for a Free Myths & Legends Tour! Learn all about the stories that the locals tell about the secrets of Vigo. If you're looking to get a real taste of Galicia, join the free Galician Food Tour. Sample some of the best traditional food from the region while learning about the culinary culture of Vigo, sure to be a highlight of your trip. For nature lovers, take the Ria de Vigo Coastal Tour for an exciting adventure. Come join passionate guides on Vigo Free Walking Tours and unlock all that this northern city has to offer!

Highlights of a Free Tour in Vigo

Vigo old town is an amazing place to explore, and free tours with a local guide make it even better! With a free tour around the city, you can discover incredible sights like the Fortress of O Castro, which was built in the 16th century to protect the town against foreign invaders. Other highlights include the Co-Cathedral of Santa María, a historic Roman Catholic Cathedral. It has been the seat of the Diocese of Vigo since 1853 and is known for its magnificent architecture and artwork. For those who love adventure and exploration, visiting the Monument to Jules Verne is a must. The renowned author immortalized Vigo in his literature, and this monument pays homage to him for capturing its beauty on paper. To wrap off your free tour, you can chill out at Alameda da Praza de Compostela, a beautiful park filled with lush gardens and greenery. After your free tour, don't forget to check out The Vigo Museum of Contemporary Art too which features works by local and international artists - you're sure to find inspiration there. Take advantage of this free opportunity and explore Vigo's unique history and culture today! It's a truly wonderful experience that will leave you with lasting memories. Book your seats today!

Things to Do in Vigo

Are you looking for the ultimate activities to experience in Vigo? You won’t run out of options! From free tours to art, bars and restaurants, Vigo offers something for everyone. Start your visit with a free tour of the city’s most famous places. Explore the sights and sounds of this fascinating city – from its old town to its stunning 'ria'. After touring the city’s main attractions, don't miss out on all the amazing art galleries and museums in Vigo, such as the Museo de Pontevedra, the Contemporary Art Centre and many more. If you're feeling hungry, stroll down 'Oyster Street' and grab some delicious seafood dishes that this coastal city has to offer – food here is delicious and surprisingly affordable! If you are feeling outdoorsy, there's nothing like a day at the beautiful Praia de Sami, or a cruise along the Rias Baixas on a boat. And for late night drinks, there are plenty of music venues, pubs and clubs to choose from. Enjoy the nightlife that Vigo has to offer, and don't miss out on its well-known festivals! With so much to do and enjoy in this vibrant city, you're sure to have an unforgettable time in Vigo.

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