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Best Free Tours in Valencia

From the Roman Empire to the Visigoths, from the Moorish kingdom to the Christian development, there are many stories and landmarks in Valencia to explore. Come and join the Free Walking Tours in Valencia to see the rich heritage of this multicultural capital without breaking the bank. The most popular free walk in the city right now is the Essential Valencia City Tour. It’s an entertaining walk around the historical center, with an emphasis on the area around the Cathedral and the Arab past of the region. After this informative introduction to the area with a local guide, most tourists with a love for modern history and art like joining the Free Modernism Tour of Valencia, to explore the beauty of the Central Market, Colon Market, the Bank of Valencia, and other highlights from the early 20th century. Finally, we recommend beating the summer heat with a fun activity in the evening: the Free Myths and Legends tour of Valencia.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Valencia

This laid-back Mediterranean town is blessed with warm weather in all seasons, boasts of fragrant tree-lined avenues, and has a compact old town which is a pleasure to explore on foot. So, there’s no excuse! Join today any of the many Free Tours in Valencia to explore remarkable landmarks such as the magnificent Silk Exchange. This stunning hall has been in use since the 15th Century, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site whose carved ceilings won’t disappoint. Apart from this sight, Valencia is synonymous with the Virgin Square. This extensive square has been the epicenter of Valencian social life and culture for centuries. In fact, it was a Roman forum in ancient times! There, travelers will find beautiful buildings, trees, the Turia Fountain and the stunning Valencia Cathedral, which used to be an important mosque during the Middle Ages. The Quart Towers and the Serrano Towers are just a short walk away.

Things to Do in Valencia

After checking out all the historical remains and visiting the Modernist architectural jewels scattered around the old town with Valencia Free Walking Tours, there are still many fun activities to do here. Some years ago, the city embarked in a major urban development that has radically improved the quality of life of locals. After a devastating flood in the 50s, the course of Turia River was diverted and a huge 9 kms (5.5 m) park was built in the area. Nowadays, Valencia's Turia Garden is an enormous green space for walking, cycling, picnicking and enjoying a great day. Following this ambitious park, you will not only find a Gulliver-shaped giant playground, but will also arrive at the remarkable City of Arts & Sciences. It’s a famous cultural and architectural complex with futuristic architecture, a huge oceanographic, an IMAX screen, museums... and also the favorite place for many locals and travelers to arrange a photo session!

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