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Hikers and trekkers have long ago discovered the wonders of Uzbekistan, one of the most open and modern countries in Central Asia. But with Free Walking Tours in Samarkand, you will also enjoy the trove of stunning Islamic architecture at the heart of the Silk Road! Come and enjoy a safe walk around the historical center with a local guide joining the Free Samarkand City Tour. This is a top-rated tour where you and a small group of fellow travelers will discover the history, culture and best highlights of the “The Pearl of the Eastern Muslim World”. You will enjoy wonderful mausoleums, dazzling blue domes, and stunningly beautiful mosques. The next day, we recommend booking a Shopping in Samarkand Free Walking Tour. This is a fun activity where a reliable guide will help you discover the renowned crafts produced in the city, walk around bustling markets, and haggle the best prices!

Highlights of a Free Tour in Samarkand

Older than ancient Rome, the city Samarkand was at the crossroads of Western and Eastern cultures for two millennia. And even today, the historic town and townscape of Samarkand offers so many wonders that it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along a Free Tour in Samarkand, you will discover one of the most important architectural gems in the whole world: The Registan. This square was the heart of the ancient city during the Timurid Empire. Today, its trio of majestic madrassas decorated with stunning azure mosaics never fails to take the breath away of visitors. It’s probably one of the most iconic sights in the world! The Amir Temur Mausoleum Gur-i Amir Complex, the monumental Bibi-Khanym Mosque, and Tilla-Kari Madrassah are three other must-visit landmarks. And do not miss a walk around Shah-i-Zinda, the most astonishing necropolis you might ever see!

Things to Do in Samarkand

Ancient Samarkand was one of the most important stops in the Silk Road and was at the crossroads of world cultures for centuries. Today, this dazzling city is the second most important in the country, offering tourists both the wonders of the ancient world and the amenities of a modern metropolis. After sightseeing in the old town with Free Tours in Samarkand, spend some time strolling along Siab Bazaar, the largest bazaar in Samarkand and one of the most touristy in Uzbekistan. You will find everything from everyday products to delicate souvenirs. On the outskirts of the city travelers can find Ulugh Beg Observatory, a magical place where Islamic astronomers used to study the stars. Amazingly, the site was lost for centuries and rediscovered just a few decades ago. Of course, no trip to Samarkand would be complete without attending the spectacular light show happening every night at The Registan!

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