IMPORTANT: Please be advised that we will stop operating in Rio de Janeiro until further notice. Please check our calendar for the last available dates in April & May.

Come with us and discover Rio’s liveliest neighbourhood, Lapa, and do it when it’s most vibrant, at night time. The Lapa neighbourhood has been the epicentre of Rio’s bohemian scene for over a century. It is the home of some of the best musical bars and dancing halls in the city, and the place where carioca artists have traditionally lived and worked. However, Lapa is not just it’s history, it’s also it’s present and it’s future, and on our Free Tour of Lapa by Night we will make sure you know where it’s been, where it is, and where it is going.

Walk under the famous Carioca Aqueduct, or as the locals call it, the Lapa Arches, and learn about the colonial architecture in some of the most interesting historical streets in the city. Hear about how the neighbourhood had fallen almost into oblivion to then be rescued again, and how it’s history reflects the history of Brazil. Hear about the lifestyle of some of the great artists, poets and musicians who lived and live there.

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Drink a delicious cold beer at Brasil Bar, which has the oldest beer taps in the city. Try a refreshing caipirinha, choosing over a hundred different cachaças to make it with, at Cachaça bar, and learn how it’s made. Have a drink at The Adega Flor de Coimbra, a stronghold of Carioca tradition and one of the oldest wineries in Rio de Janeiro, and find out where you want the night to continue after the tour is finished.

Lapa is circus, it's samba, it’s graffiti, it’s Chorinho, Bossa Nova and Rock and Roll. It is the most fun and culturally hyperactive neighbourhood in an already extremely vibrant city. On our Free Tour of Lapa by Night you will not only learn about it’s history, and best places to go, but also how to navigate it so that you can always come back and enjoy it. Come with us and loose yourself amidst the carioca groove of Lapa!

Please note that the Free Lapa by Night Tour is for 18+ only.

Also note that this tour is not a Pub Crawl. Our Free Lapa by Night Tour is a cultural tour with a local guide to give you a better understanding of the neighborhood and the carioca lifestyle.