Due to recent police operations against local crime, for you safety we have been recommended by local authorities to stop running our Free Favela Tour until further notice.

Come with us and discover one of Brasil’s most famous favelas, Santa Marta, and see how a quarter of Rio’s population, the “people of the hill” as favela inhabitants are known, live in peace through what has been described as creative survival.

Learn how the favelas started after the abolishment of slavery in 1888, and how Rio was the single port in the world with received most slaves, 11 times more than the whole USA only in Rio. See how the ilegal housing grew eating away natural spaces, leaving a very interesting area in which cultural tourism and ecotourism go hand by hand. Be amazed at how it has become an economically self sufficient city within Rio de Janeiro.

See how low involvement from the local authorities, and limited resources, have incited creativity and enable a frame of freedom that has allowed the arts to thrive. Find out about how the Favela created its own associations in order to coordinate and develop projects for the local community, associations that take care of education, health care, social projects, citizenship, handcrafts and more.

Hear about the controversial Pacifying Police Units, and how they have made the favelas much safer since 2008, and hear the stories of how drugs and violence used to govern the neighbourhoods.

Adventure into Favela Santa Marta with us and experience one of the most fascinating sides of Rio de Janeiro. An area which is often misunderstood, feared or overlooked. An extremely humanly fertile neighbourhood where people have fought adversity with innovation and that colourful alegria so characteristic of Cariocas. On our Free Tour of the Favelas of Rio you will see the resourcefulness of human nature, and how powerful a tool beauty can be.