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Free Violence & Conflict Tour Medellin
Great job
Free Violence & Conflict Tour Medellin
Sebastian was a really good guide!
Free Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour Medellin
For children it’s not the tour. I would day that in the commerce on front. This tour is perfect for adults only
Hendrik Jan
Hello Hendrik, thank you for coming with us, but we don't understand what really happened, so we don't understand your comment
World Lion Tour
Free Violence & Conflict Tour Medellin
Good tour
Free Violence & Conflict Tour Medellin
Manuel is a great guide, very helpful and giving lot of interesting information ! I recommend this tour.
Free Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour Medellin
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Best Free Tours in Medellin

City of the eternal spring, Medellin is the second-most populous city in Colombia, the birthplace of the so-called “Paisas” and home to one of the most easily recognized artists worldwide: Fernando Botero. Its pre-Hispanic origins, and the subsequent Spanish colonization in the 16th century, provide this Capital of the Mountain with an undeniable charm, only matched by its pleasant climate and people. Join one of the Free Tours in Medellin and find out how, despite its violent past, Medellin is now a place that is quite literally blooming. The Essential Medellin City Tour offers you the opportunity to explore the must-see landmarks in the company of a knowledgeable local guide. And consider joining the Free Tour of Comuna 13, once the most dangerous neighborhood in the world, and now transformed into an open-air gallery of incredible street art that reflects on the past as well as celebrates the people of Medellin and their resilience.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Medellin

There is an abundance of highlights on the Free Walking Tours in Medellin. The Cathedral and Bolivar Square are the perfect background to start learning about local history with your guide. Nearby is Antioquia Museum, a magnificent structure housing a staggering collection of Fernando Botero‘s works, as well as those of fellow Medellin artist Pedro Nel Gomez. Outside there are some massive sculptures that offer wonderful photo opportunities. Around the corner is Cisneros Plaza, with its striking installation of over 300 light pillars. Berrio Park is the city’s heart, with a long history including celebrations, executions, and the emancipation of enslaved people. In this park, you’ll find the Palace of Culture. Fans of architecture will admire its bold Gothic revival style. After the tour, you can stop to visit the incredibly moving Memory House Museum. This is the place to go for the full picture of Colombia’s dramatic and violent history.

Things to Do in Medellin

Three things to do in Medellin are eat, explore and discover some of its colorful neighborhoods where art has replaced spilled blood. Pay a visit to Comuna 13 with a Medellin Free Walking Tour. This born-again neighborhood is full of vibrant street art. Now that there are stronger safety measures, it has slowly opened up to visitors. Fortunately, this has brought the community together, and there is a strong sense of pride in where they live. Food is incredibly important here. From dishes and delicacies such as “Bandeja Paisa”, “Arepas” or “Las Perras”, Medellin will surprise you with its gastronomic richness, not only doing justice to its fame but also satisfying even the most demanding palates. Head to Plaza Minorista Market to see and taste some of the amazing produce available here. If you are in the mood for a great night out, head to Poblado. It’s a favorite spot for tourists and locals alike, and the perfect place for a bit of salsa dancing.

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