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City of the eternal spring, Medellín is the second-most populous city in Colombia, birthplace to the so-called “Paisas” and home to one of the most easily recognized artists worldwide: Fernando Botero. Medellín is a city whose altitude and geography allow it to flourish throughout the whole year, and which has perpetuated its devotion to blooms through the Festival of the Flowers, a yearly ceremony that is as important to its inhabitants as it is joyful to its visitors.

Its pre-Hispanic origins, and the subsequent Spanish colonization in the 16th century, provide this Capital of the Mountain with an undeniable charm, only matched by its pleasant climate & people, that despite its convulse and violent history, is distinguished by its desire to never stop flourishing.

From dishes and delicacies such as “Bandeja Paisa”,” Arepas” or “Las Perras”, Medellín will surprise you with its gastronomic richness, not only doing justice to its fame but also satisfying even the most demanding palates. Eat, explore and discover some of its colorful neighborhoods, where paint has come to replace blood, and where art expresses what history sometimes omits.

Learn from Botero, the painter of volume, while you discover that the over-dimension of his paintings & sculptures is not intended to display obesity, but rather to break limits, open words, redefine shapes and magnify us all.