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Welcome to the highest city in the world – on a clear day, the huge snow-capped Mount Illimani dominates the skyline and can be seen from many parts of the city. Visitors to La Paz can get to grips with the city via the Free Walking Tours in La Paz. These examples are a cost-free way to enjoy your time here, but be careful – on a rainy day, the steeper streets are as good as inaccessible. Luckily, you can join the Essential La Paz City Tour to walk through the main attractions of the historic center with a local guide who is passionate about his city – it’s the perfect introduction to La Paz! In addition, many guides can take you to experience the most traditional and surprising dishes of Peruvian gastronomy with a Free Street Food Tour in La Paz. You’ll tour markets, see peculiar ingredients and eat like a local far from any tourist traps.

Highlights of a Free Tour in La Paz

With Free Tours in La Paz, you will get to walk past a great variety of excellent museums that you can visit later at your own. In one visit you can see all four of the Jaen Street museums, collected together on the best colonial street in La Paz. The Pre-Columbian Precious Metals Museum, known as the Gold Museum, displays fine works in precious metal. The Litoral Museum houses mostly historical maps, the “Museo Costumbrista Juan de Vargas” has art, photos and ceramic figurines. You can visit the Murillo House to view all manner of items once belonging to the colonial aristocracy. Some La Paz Free Walking Tours cover also San Pedro Plaza (a former prison), San Francisco Church, Plaza Murillo and many more! Visitors should also go to the Rodriguez Market, full of color and local produce, and the Witches Market where you can buy a surprising range of cures for your ailments or even get some spiritual guidance from a “Yatiri”.

Things to Do in La Paz

Get a cable car up to El Alto and visit the Chualluma neighborhood. Admire the brightly colored houses and murals full of Aymaran symbols. It’s part of a community project, so be respectful and polite as you walk around. Once you’ve explored the city, look beyond to the beautiful sites surrounding it. A morning trip 10 km down the canyon of the Choqueyapu River will reveal Valle de la Luna. This hillside is quite the sight with its maze of peaks, canyons, and cacti—most notably the hallucinogenic San Pedro cactus. If you are fortunate enough to have a clear sky during your trip, get straight in a taxi to Tupac Katari Mirador. This viewpoint is a sacred Inca site with many sacred healers’ booths—don’t take photos of these out of respect; instead turn your camera to the breath-taking panorama of the sprawling city below, buildings upon buildings scrambling up to the mountain tops.

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