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Best Free Tours in Iloilo City

Cultural heritage, delicious cuisine, and warm hospitality are just some of the attractions that bring tourists to Iloilo City, a beautiful and unique destination located in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. When it comes to exploring this idyllic place, there are a few Iloilo City free walking tours that are worth checking out. The first one is the Essential Iloilo City Tour. This is a journey through the city's historic areas, including Molo and City Proper. Here you'll see some of its most iconic landmarks and get insights into the city's rich history and culture. The second one is the Alternative Iloilo City Tour, which takes guests to the areas of La Paz and Jaros. Finally, there's the Iloilo City Food Tour. If you're a foodie, then this walking tour is for you! It takes you to some of the city's most famous eateries, where you'll sample local delicacies and learn about the history and culture behind them. All free walking tours in Iloilo City are led by knowledgeable local guides that will be happy to offer answers to all of your questions. Overall, Iloilo City is a destination that is well worth a visit. Whether you're interested in history, food, or simply soaking up the local culture, there's something for everyone here.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Iloilo City

If you are island-hopping the Philippines and want to have an authentic local experience, then Iloilo City is what you are looking for. The city played a significant role in the Spanish colonial era, and this is reflected in its superb architecture, which includes many grand old houses and churches. In fact, Iloilo City is often referred to as the "City of Love" because of its reputation for being a romantic and charming destination. Molo Church, also known as the St. Anne Parish Church, is one of the most famous landmarks in Iloilo City. It is located nearby San Jose Church, Plaza Libertad and Calle Real, other downtown highlights worth a stop. You can walk to Fort San Pedro to see the remains of the Spanish fort and learn about the American occupation that changed the country forever. Further up north, travelers can visit the National Shrine of Our Lady of Candles, also known as the Jaro Cathedral, as well as Lapaz Public Market. For a great view of the city, make sure to head up to the Iloilo River Esplanade. Here you can watch the sunset and take in the laid-back atmosphere along the riverbanks. There are also plenty of dining options here for those seeking local flavors. Book a free tour in Iloilo City and come explore this gem of the Philippines safely with the help of a local guide!

Things to Do in Iloilo City

There are so many cool things to do in Iloilo City! The city is famous for its iconic dishes such as batchoy, a pork-based noodle soup, and pancit molo, a dumpling soup. These dishes are beloved by locals and visitors alike and are a must-try for anyone visiting the city. Another great thing to do in Iloilo City is to get ready to enjoy its vibrant nightlife. With plenty of bars and clubs to choose from, visitors can enjoy a night out on the town and experience the city's vibrant energy after dark. The city also hosts many colorful festivals throughout the year, such as the Dinagyang Festival and the Paraw Regatta Festival. These festivals are a great way to experience the local culture and traditions of the region. Of course, you can also embark on different activities, such as exploring the city's historic landmarks, shopping in the local markets, wandering around massive malls, or relaxing on the nearby beaches. And do not leave without checking out the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art (ILOMOCA) for a glimpse into the city's vibrant art scene. Overall, Iloilo City is a dynamic and exciting destination that has something for everyone. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, or just looking for a fun and exciting getaway, this city is sure to exceed your expectations.

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