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What to see in Haifa

Haifa, one of Israel’s most important cities and cultural epicenters, overlooks the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea on one side and Mount Carmel on the other, with lower and upper cities connected by its renown underground transit system. Visit a place steeped in ancient history where numerous rulers and forces set their eyes due to Haifa having the main port of the country; Crusaders, Napoleon, Ibrahim Pasha, and Britain amid others fought to conquer and expand. As of now, the city remains cosmopolitan with a mixture of Jews, Muslims, and Christian Arabs.

Enjoy a Free Walking Tour exploration in Haifa to witness stunning views while you learn about well-preserved history and traditions dating back to Biblical times. Stroll around museums, Persian gardens, markets, and must-see attractions that go from architectural jewels to monasteries, caves, beaches, parks, and archaeological vestiges. Discover sights in the Bahá’í World Center included in World Heritage Lists, navigate through the Yefe Nof panoramic Street, the Universal House of Justice, Shrine of the Báb, Hanging Gardens, Israel National Museum,  and much more in just a few hours by foot!

Free Tours in Haifa offer a comfortable, fun, and educational closeness to its personality and everyday life. One can find many historical footprints within its cityscape, steep cliffs, shores, and cascading landmarks. Enjoy exploring Haifa alongside a local guide for free!

More Free Tours in Haifa

See Haifa by foot and save a few bucks! The foremost way to get a chance to explore the city and learn about its history is by joining one of the free walking tours offered throughout this amazing place. Below you’ll find some of the best ones at your disposal:

Free Tours Haifa

This informative walking tour offers an incredible exploration in the Baha’i Gardens and Louis Promenade next to a knowledgeable local guide who will share fascinating stories and amusing oddities around the most beautiful gardens in the world. You will understand Haifa’s multicultural personality, use the Carmelit funicular, and enjoy strolling through amazing sites!

Monday Free Tour

This 2-hour free walking tour offers wide information around the German colony and an exploration in the Wadi Nisnas Market where guests will be able to get a culinary overview and even taste food samples along the way! Learn the story of a neighborhood that changed the face of the holy land and visit an iconic market while discovering authentic, symbolic art. 

Please note Strawberry Tours does not operate the tours listed above, however, we are currently looking for people from all over the world who are excited to show their hometown to others.

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