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What to see in Eilat

Eilat is a magnificent port city with stunning views, clean beaches, reliable climate, and easy to access. Aside from being a middle point for Jordan and Egypt, it is a gorgeous underwater observatory, top-rated by beach-loving travelers and people looking to relax in a resort town in southern Israel. Even if such side of the country is not as steeped in history as the rest, one can still dive into its origins and the importance of Eilat to ancient Arabia. 

Join the Free Tours of Eilat for a perfect getaway. Explore part of the Gulf of Aqaba through splendid promenades while you hear fascinating myths of crusaders and biblical tales, and learn about mid-20th century archaeological discoveries that have influenced the world’s perspective towards this compact city, as well as the events that led to its liberation. Understand the cultural atmosphere in Eilat as you witness grand landscapes, indulge in a wide variety of incredible seafood, local beer, and tax-free shopping alongside a local guide!

There are many things to do in Eilat where you’ll find a comfortable and fun closeness to its personality and everyday life. One can find numerous must-do activities along the beach and its surroundings. Enjoy exploring Eilat for free!

More Free Tours in Eilat

See Eilat by foot and save a few bucks! The foremost way to get a chance to explore the city on your own and learn about its history is by walking through this amazing place. Below you’ll find some of the best articles on what to do in Eilat:

Things to Do In and From Eilat

If you’re looking to explore Eilat’s history, its unique weather, coral reefs, delicious food, and a sparkling-hot desert, you will certainly enjoy visiting some of the main attractions for free or spending just a few bucks, including the Dolphin Reef, Coral World Observatory, Timna Park, and Temple of Hathor, among others also in the city’s surroundings.

Beach Fun in Eilat

Lovely beaches to relax and snorkel are abundant in Eilat. Visit Princess Beach, Mosh Beach, Migdalor Beach, Dekel Beach, Aqua Beach, or Hananya Beach which are rated with over 4 stars by hundreds of people on TripAdvisor. Enjoy diving or just lying on the beach close to the shore in cozy mattresses and Israeli food at your disposal!

Please note Strawberry Tours does not operate the activities listed above, however, we are currently looking for people from all over the world who are excited to show their hometown to others.

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