Important: We are not running this tour until further notice.

Every Sunday visitors in Buenos Aires have a date with San Telmo, especially with its Flea Market known as the San Telmo Fair, a unique place where one can find all sorts of antiquities and curiosities which are dusted every Sunday at dawn to be exposed in the morning so that the person whom they’ve been waiting for all those decades, can find them and after some very tough haggling, can open to them the doors to their new home. Join our Free San Telmo Market Tour and discover the smallest, oldest and most traditional neighborhood in the Argentine capital, a neighborhood which still consists of narrow cobbled streets and it’s filled with 19th Century grand houses.

Walk with us to go back in time to a Buenos Aires of low houses with red tiles, of dusty narrow streets in which the rich families of the time of the Spanish Colony lived. Those streets so the city grow from Plaza de Mayo and they observed from the first row position how La Boca neighborhood was born.

Hear how this rich inhabitants of the neighborhood moved north escaping the yellow fever and cholera, and how their houses became inquilinatos or conventillos (guest houses) where the poorest of immigrants, fresh from Europe, would live in the patios. Those same patios saw the birth of Tango. Learn also how the new residents of the area resisted as many as two English invasions.

Discover underground tunnels that connect streets, the narrowest house in the city, the best preserved colonial houses in town, grandiose façades in European style and bars and cafes with a wonderful bohemian atmosphere where the walls sound of tango and rock & roll.

On our Free San Telmo Market Tour you will fall in love with the Buenos Aires that always was and still is, a cultured, expressive, artistic and deliciously bohemian city, fruit of the blend of europeans arrived from all corners of Europe which created that unmissable charming rascal: the porteño.