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Best Free Tours in Bethlehem

A trip to Bethlehem is well worth it. With Free Walking Tours in Bethlehem, you will feel the historical spirituality that this town continues to emanate today, despite its ancient origins and open conflicts. You will discover historical traces, learn about the Canaanite, Israelite, Jewish, Classical, Middle Ages, Ottoman and Modern era periods in just a few hours! Join the Bethlehem Free Walking Tour to stroll around seven historical quarters and their sacred buildings. Hear why this ancient city is considered the birthplace of Jesus, understand more about its settlers, and all the biblical stories that are still alive today. There are also Modern Bethlehem City Tours that will allow you to understand the politics behind the Palestinian conflict as well as the future of the local community. After these tours, you will most likely have a different point of view about humanity, creativity, pilgrimage, social initiative and even education.

Highlights of a Free Tour in Bethlehem

During your trip to Bethlehem, you will visit the most famous churches in the Holy Lands, including the UNESCO-listed Nativity Church. It’s one of the most ancient and remarkable on the planet even though it has been destroyed and rebuilt several times on top of a cave said to be Jesus’ birthplace. This holy place and its surroundings maintain a captivating cultural, historical, and even archaeological significance. Joining Free Tours in Bethlehem you will also explore important landmarks such as the Chapel of the Milk Grotto, the Shepherds’ Field, the Walled Off Hotel, Manger Square, some Refugee camps, and the famous Afteem Restaurant (whose Foul & Hummus attracts guests from Palestine and all over the world). Strolling through the Old City, you will also find the “Flower Thrower”, a famous piece of street art by legendary artist Banksy. Come to Bethlehem and change your perspective on history and this culture walking with a local guide.

Things to Do in Bethlehem

Many tourists visit Bethlehem on their way to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Jordan. However, Bethlehem is well worth a longer trip and a stay of several nights. Walking through the main landmarks of the Palestinian territory of the West Bank will offer an eye-opening educational closeness to this town’s everyday life. Bethlehem is a young, vibrant city with art venues and interesting music festivals. Additionally, there are many stunning museums, holy sites, street art, and entertaining activities that will keep you busy for days. There are guided tours with stops along the Separation Walls that will offer you the opportunity to meet locals at one of the nearby refugee camps, so you can understand the complex life of Palestinians. From Bethlehem, you can take a day trip to UNESCO listed Battir EcoMuseum, a so called ‘outdoor landscape museum’ filled with stunning natural landscapes, archaeological sites, hiking trails and water springs.

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