Barcelona, one of the jewels of the Mediterranean Sea, a city built over the last two millennia always with its back to the establishment, through the effort and hard work of its inhabitants. A city which nowadays still strives to better itself, to be more beautiful, to improve. On our Free Historical Centre Tour of Barcelona you will go through the whole history of the city, from the Roman Barcino to contemporary Barcelona.

Walk through the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, one of the best-preserved old towns in Europe. Marvel at the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, which took over two centuries to build, and then compare it with the church of Santa María del Mar, built by the people and for the people of Barcelona in only 53 years! Find in the Gothic labyrinth the remains of the Roman city: Its aqueduct, its wall and even a temple dedicated to Augustus hidden in a Gothic palace’s courtyard.

Explore the Born District, less crowded than the neighboring Gothic Quarter but equally as interesting, discover through the street names how the city was organized in the medieval times through gilds, and where the jousts, in which the knights bravely fought for the favor of the ladies, took place.

Enjoy the only Modernist building in the Old Town, which happens to be one of the most important ones too, the Palau de la Música Catalana, designed by the great architect Domènech i Montaner; without a doubt one of the most spectacular music halls in the world. Understand through Santa Caterina Market how Barcelona adapts to the passing of time and always manages to remain on the cutting edge of architecture due to the way they restored the buildings, by reconstructing them rather than demolishing them.

On our Free Historical Centre Tour of Barcelona you will discover a city designed by architects and founded by its inhabitants, a city proud of its past but not afraid of reinventing its present, and you will understand through a fun journey through its history why it has become one of the most visited cities in the world!