Free Spanish Civil War Tour Barcelona

2.5 Hours
2.5 Hours

Free Spanish Civil War Tour Barcelona

  • Join an eye-opening experience where you will gain a deeper understanding of the Spanish Civil War and its impact on Barcelona.
  • See the scars of the conflict that are still visible today as you visit some of Barcelona's most famous landmarks, including La Rambla and the Gran Teatre del Liceu.
  • Learn from knowledgeable and engaging guides who will bring the history of the Spanish Civil War to life and make it accessible to all.
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Catalunya Square


Sant Jaume Square


La Rambla


Gran Teatre del Liceu

Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi

Sant Felip Neri Square

Raval Neighbourhood

Bisbe Street

These are some of the features your tour might include, but please bear in mind that every guide creates their unique itinerary to provide the best possible experience.

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El guía un lujo. Amable en todo aspecto y muy conocedor de los hechos históricos Altamente recomendable
Fernando Miguel

History buffs and tourists alike will be absolutely captivated by the Free Spanish Civil War Tour in Barcelona. This unique tour transports you back in time to one of the most significant periods in Spain's modern history (1936-39), during which the nation was torn apart by a conflict that left deep and lasting scars. Barcelona played a pivotal role in the Spanish Civil War, and as you explore the city's storied streets, you will uncover the tales of bravery, tragedy, and hope that unfolded on the streets. Led by expert local guides, this tour promises to be an engaging, educational, and objective exploration of the events that shaped Barcelona during this tumultuous time.

During the tour, you will visit iconic landmarks that bear the marks of the Spanish Civil War, providing a poignant reminder of the city's turbulent past. Explore the hauntingly beautiful Sant Felip Neri Square, a site that still bears the scars of bombings, and wander through the vibrant neighborhood of El Raval, where the spirit of resistance and the echoes of battle still linger. As you discover the riveting stories of communists, fascists, anarchists, the courageous international brigades who traveled from all corners of the globe to join the fight, and the influential roles of individuals like George Orwell, you'll gain a profound understanding of the diverse factions vying for control of the city and the lasting impact of their struggle.

Your expert guide will ensure that you not only visit the key sites associated with the Spanish Civil War but also learn about the broader historical context in an engaging and accessible way. As you delve into the complexities of the conflict, you will come to appreciate the courage and determination of the people who fought for their beliefs and the sacrifices they made for the city they loved. The Free Spanish Civil War Tour in Barcelona is an unforgettable journey into the past, offering a unique and illuminating perspective on this crucial period in Spanish history. Don't miss the chance to join this fascinating tour and gain a deeper understanding of Barcelona's remarkable heritage.

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