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What to see in Baku

Baku is absolutely worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Due to a wide cultural offer, culinary delights, an interesting background of oil and gas production, a mixture of ancient and contemporary architecture, fascinating legends, unique traditions, monuments, and a lovely landscape, Azerbaijan’s capital becomes an invigorating place that deserves to be explored. Enjoy a free tour adventure in Baku to navigate among musical fountains, picturesque parks, squares, and streets, charming buildings and majestic skyscrapers, fortresses, iconic towers, mosques, archaeological treasures, and other must-see attractions in just a few hours!

On the Free Walking Tours of Baku you will unveil the rich history behind a gorgeous city and understand the daily customs that make up its millenary identity. Witness the ancient atmosphere of Baku’s Old Town, designated UNESCO Heritage Site while hearing tales and mysteries around its foundations. Discover the role that fire has had in the city for centuries; visit museums, taste delicious wine or tea, and find out all the unforgettable things you can do in the capital by foot.

Free Tours in Baku offer a comfortable, fun, and educational closeness to the city’s everyday life. One can find many historical footprints in its medieval fortifications, local venues, and mansions while celebrating locals’ friendliness towards visitors. Stroll around Baku’s old town for free!

More Free Tours in Baku

See Baku by foot and save a few bucks! The foremost way to get a chance to explore the city and learn about its history is by joining one of the free walking tours offered throughout this amazing place. Below you’ll find some of the best ones at your disposal:

Baku Downtown Free Tour

This free tour is a great way to get introduced to the city and learn about its personality. Walk within the heart of the capital through Nizami Street, Fountains Square, and other main areas to understand Baku’s modern development alongside a local guide who will tell you countless historical facts and inside oddities in just 2.5 hours. End the tour with a glass of wine or a cafe!

Baku Original Walking Free Tour

If you’re looking to explore the Old Town in Baku and get acquainted with its daily customs, this 2.5-hour walk will be the perfect option for you. Hear about the city’s transformation from medieval times until it became a cosmopolitan capital. Learn how oil production allowed Baku to grow and achieve glory and fame, and end the tour with a free Azerbaijani tea!

Azerbaijani Cuisine Tour

This free 2-hour tour will be your favorite activity while visiting Baku whether you’re a foodie traveler or are just hungry for Azerbaijani cuisine. Learn about traditional cooking styles seen in Baku, some indigenous and other influenced by its surrounding cultures. Enjoy meeting friendly people next to a local guide and visit the best venues where a variety of dishes such as kebabs, dried snacks, spiced meals, unusual food bowls, and many types of beverages can be found!

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